It’s been a month I have run out of a gym subscription and I still haven’t renewed one. it’s not because I would be injured, or lazy but because I have been running around so much that physically had no time to squeeze in proper workout sessions at gym But that does not mean I have stopped working out – Not at all! I have been busting my butt at home workout by doing HIIT, and targeted area exercises or having Muay Thai lessons and even squeezed in some TRX training to stay active till get my things in a order and start gym again. 

Even though next week is my last week before heading to Calabria (South of Italy) to spend winter break so no point of signing up for a gym yet. But not about vacations is this story, but about HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. 

Jumping Split squat miss athletique

Jumping split squat – one of efficient HIIT training exercises

As a busy girl I not always have much time to do do proper training therefore HIIT comes here really handy as it is really time consuming, efficient and can be performed everywhere. 


  • Efficient – indeed, it can be squeezed in even in the busiest schedule. (The research shows that a 15 minute HIIT session done 3x per week is more efficient than running for an hour on a treadmill. Moreover it improves your aerobic capacity and stamina);
  • Burns more fat – you heard me! it burns fat twice as much. Moreover your body keeps on burning fat 24 hours after the workout. ( explains it scientifically);
  • Increase endurance – extreme training endures and significantly increases your stamina and it’s proven that it will make you to double your performance;
  • No equipment needed- it can be done everywhere depending on your space restrictions (even bedroom), meaning high knees, jumping lunges, burpees, etc.;
  • Lose fat, not muscles – as weight training also HIIT allows to burn fat and not burn muscles as steady cardio;
  • Increase metabolism – HIIT stimulates human growth hormones which increases caloric burn and slows down aging;
  • will not make you bored – trust me, this program definitely will not bore you as there possibilities are endless.

To sum up the HIIT is a perfect instrument to build a stronger, faster and more efficient you – basically 2.0 you by burning fat faster and keeping muscles to give you definition (not talking about bulk. will not become HULK, you just won’t! So don’t worry! add 1-3 HIIT workouts to your training routine and will see you start seeing results in no time!


Some of the different routines you can find HERE and HERE and even HERE.

As today is workout Wednesday I think I am going to make some killer session tonight as well! Who’s in?



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  • How to get the best out of a rest day
  • How to get the best out of a rest day

How to get the best out of a rest day

As much is important to stay consistent to your training schedule and do not skip workouts (without a  very! good reason) to have a results, also having a proper rest day is much needed for body to build strength and soul as well! Of course we all like to have a rest day and have our own time to be lazy, reflect and just recharge your batteries (walking home all day in jammies and just be plain lazy (guilty!). However it often ends (at least to me) to be unproductive what, I hate the most, as I believe it is wasting the precious time while I could be productive and clean up things from my schedule and not pile them up.

 It took time but I have finally worked out and come up with a balance to rest properly and also get some things done on my days off the workout and it definitely helps me to not feel guilty.  

In order to get the best out of the rest day here is a list of tips and suggestions how to make the best out of it and that will lift your productivity and will not make you regret wasting your day. (Works for me! ) Read More

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Last 10 days has been a wild roller coaster during my business trip in Japan. When I am travelling it is really hard to maintain my physical form as well as stick to my diet. Luckily for me I was staying in a wonderful hotel at Tokyo which had a great gym with several exercise machines, so were using that to stay in shape and get adopted to the new time zone faster. (Having a good weight training or a run always helps me to get over the jet lag faster).

As a person who is quite shy than getting acquainted with a new gym, it’s equipment, courses, timings and make new friends is quite challenging for me. (Not even mentioning how strange for me is to go around a skyscraper to search for it’s gym, dressed in workout clothes. Not my preferred activity at all. Especially when my colleagues and clients are staying the same place). However I always try to not think about what others think and just concentrate on my goals and reason why I am hitting the gym. And trust me – it helps! 

As I believe that I am not the only one that has some intimidation issues with gym than will try to list some things that might make things easier also for you. (Works for me). 

Read More

You don’t have to be a champion to become a champion! this was the a motivational picture I got after finishing my N+TC workout yesterday morning before heading to my first business meeting her in Stockholm. It’s been a while since I could work out due to my dental intervention and frequent traveling lately, so this kind of motivational picture, popping up on my screen after a good workout, was exactly what I needed to start my day good and encourage to get back on track (and stay on it – as I will be travelling a lot upcoming months as well) with my workouts and training routines. 

However, travels are not excuse to not work out. Yes, it is more challenging, as you have to make an extra effort to find strength and motivation to work out after/before a long day of traveling and meetings but once you have squeezed in a workout in your schedule, even a short one, it is definitely worth it. I am completely honest when I say that I have never ever regretted waking up 1 h earlier before to have a 20, 30 or 45 min workout session before starting my day. It’s not because I wouldn’t love to sleep! No, no! But love for my body and workout benefits it’s grater than desire to sleep in, so I just get myself up and do a quick workout session that will energize me for the rest of the day. 

Usually I work out at my hotel room and having a HIIT or body weight circuit sessions as the hotel gyms are pretty useless anyway, if there are any, as it is pretty convenient and time saving. Also yesterday morning was the case and worked out using only body weight and my limited space in my hotel room.

Trust me, it is all that you actually need to keep active while on road as even a short training can be really effective to maintain the fitness level and stay fit on the road.  Read More


Every time I am traveling my choice for airport reading falls to Women’s Health magazine UK as it is full of interesting things, workouts, tips and confessions – not only entertaining but also educational. Especially I love to see the workouts by star trainers and fitness experts as always find something exciting and new to try out or include in my gym routine to spice it up a little. This time was not an exception as decided to challenge myself by doing their September issue workout by star trainer Dan Roberts

As a person who loves to experiment, improve and throw challenges to myself  than I was immediately intrigued and where determined that must test immediately this world famous trainer method: Mindfulness together with martial-arts Hiit

Mostly I was curious to see if this workout actually does something, like makes me feel my muscles ache the day after. Let me already anticipate you – it does. OMG, it does. The day after was bad, especially for my groin muscles where destroyed by doing 100 knee strikes per leg (1st exercise), as this is a muscle that is trained really rarely or superficially, well at least my case.  Read More

  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party
  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party
  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party
  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party
  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party
  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party

How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party

Every bachelorette party is different, some is calm, some is wild, some involves naughty tasks and games, but some has full of surprises – like a boot camp in a middle of forest as part of a list of tasks and exercises to complete to become a proper wife. This is what exactly happened one of my best friends bachelorette party last week in Latvia, where each of girls had to be responsible for an activity or two and as I am the sporty one – I had to lead the wake up warm up as well as warm up before the boot camp/ survivor in a forest for a team building.

As we all know before every activity one should properly warm up, even before unknown ones – like a challenging team building/boot camp in a forest. As a professional – military guy was asked to organized the activity than even I had no clue about it, so did my best to prepare girls for every kind of challenge and avoid injuries. Read More

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Buongiorno Milano! I am back from my one week (seems-like-one-month) getaway to Latvia and ready to get back on track with my training and clean eating lifestyle. Also I expect this to be an exciting week as well as going to switch up my gym workout schedule for a new one and implement some new exercises and techniques to give some extra boost to my progress and of course also to lose that extra kilos taken from all the barbecues, gatherings, wedding and lack of exercises(hit the gym just twice, BUT did it properly with my friend Martins and fitness mentor. Here is a sneak-a-peak from our Leg day – did not walk the next 2 days properly).

Recently I have been asked what I am doing to switch up my workout/ exercise routines to stay motivated and the answer is simple – variation and not letting yourself to get too comfortable. I constantly try to challenge myself to push harder, if the weights getting “lighter” I am adding some extra kilos therefore constantly trying to beat my own best and not letting those muscles get too comfortable. Read More


Have you ever seen those girls in pictures posing on their hands or standing on on 1 feet or on head and look amazing and give a fun, fresh and new way of posing for pictures? Well I have and since than one of my fitness objectives has been to learn a handstand so I  can give an artistic, acrobatic and fun twist to my pictures too. Already put this on my visual board and to-do list for 2015 (which you can check here) so there is no backing out – just have to do it.

The first thing I did to get closer to my objective was Read More


My long weekend getaway to Sicily (pictures will follow up on Sunday) is over and it is time to get back to my strict workout schedule. I know for some is hard to stick to workout routine and eating clean while on vacations and sometimes I completely agree it is OK to not be harsh on yourself during a getaway, especially a short one – like a long weekend and enjoy some traditional food and not stick to a hard core workout, because after all it’s all about balance. Hard work and some rest for body and mind.

Especially when you are travelling to a new places you know that you are going to walk a lot to explore the place as much as possible and this is a wonderful workout that’s actually does not feel like one because you are getting snappy with pictures, stop for a rest and walk again so in the end of the day you even had walked like up to 20-30 km. Happened to me first time In Paris that I walked 30 km and basically was dead by the end of the day), that’s why I know.  If you want to check out how much you make it in a day, while sightseeing, get yourself a Pedometer app for Iphone or Endomondo for your mobile device to count your steps and burned calories. I use both (depends which has still battery).

My case I knew that will take 4 days off from strength training at gym so worked out harder 31 day before (had a challenge) and stayed on a strict diet to prepare for this weekend to enjoy it fully and guilt free if I eat more than I should, of course I knew I will walk a lot and go swimming so still would have sort of training done. But now the weekend is over and it’s time to get back with training and shaping up body plan and as today is  WW (Workout Wednesday) than today is a good day to talk about booty shape up exercises and actually do them.

Honestly every day is a good day to shape up booty because let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to have a firm and round butt? Here is a 17 exercises for Glutes that you should know and include in your workout Read More

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This magic weekend is about to finish as well as my Sicilian adventure as today is officially last day in Palermo before heading back to Milan. I must say that some great things has been learned, some Sicilian secrets reviled and some tan and loads of sunshine and positive energy taken that will give me strength and motivation till my next month! (Details and pictures of will follow up on Travel Sunday post).

Today, as it’s beginning of a new month, I am sharing my monthly visual board to set the tune and objectives for the June  that I will go after.

The first and the main goal of the month is progress. No matter how big it is – important is the progress and moving forward! Yes, these 2 days, let’s be honest, was not all about working out every day,  but rather – “let’s try this local dish” or “ this dessert looks heavenly – I must try it!” so I need to get back on my clean eating and training schedule, but sometimes it is good just to give yourself a break and enjoy the life’s guilty pleasures (well as long as they are balanced).

Before leaving for Palermo I closed my 31 day challenge and I must say I did good Read More


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