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June visual board – all about that progress

June visual board – all about that progress

This magic weekend is about to finish as well as my Sicilian adventure as today is officially last day in Palermo before heading back to Milan. I must say that some great things has been learned, some Sicilian secrets reviled and some tan and loads of sunshine and positive energy taken that will give me strength and motivation till my next month! (Details and pictures of will follow up on Travel Sunday post).

Today, as it’s beginning of a new month, I am sharing my monthly visual board to set the tune and objectives for the June  that I will go after.

The first and the main goal of the month is progress. No matter how big it is – important is the progress and moving forward! Yes, these 2 days, let’s be honest, was not all about working out every day,  but rather – “let’s try this local dish” or “ this dessert looks heavenly – I must try it!” so I need to get back on my clean eating and training schedule, but sometimes it is good just to give yourself a break and enjoy the life’s guilty pleasures (well as long as they are balanced).

Before leaving for Palermo I closed my 31 day challenge and I must say I did good – lost 2kg and did not loose muscles – so next goal is another 2 till the end of the July. Dedication and eyes on the prize! No way back and no excuses, nor sweet trying because this is an official announcement and I keep my word!

Mind on a mission

Mind on a mission


Of course this won’t be easy as on 21st is my name day and on 23rd of June is a Midsummer night that cannot be missed, but as we Latvians and me particular are eating healthy and real food  than I am sure that will come up with some nice, fit alternatives for the celebrations and figure out how to blend them with traditional recipes. Here I am not worried at all  – more excited that I can try my hand with some new recipes.

Fit food recipes and experiments

Fit food recipes and experiments

and than of course – workout, new experiments, new discoveries and staying fit, active and happy!

That’s how is looking my June at the moment! What about you? plans for June already set?

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