17 exercises that will shape up your booty

17 exercises that will shape up your booty

My long weekend getaway to Sicily (pictures will follow up on Sunday) is over and it is time to get back to my strict workout schedule. I know for some is hard to stick to workout routine and eating clean while on vacations and sometimes I completely agree it is OK to not be harsh on yourself during a getaway, especially a short one – like a long weekend and enjoy some traditional food and not stick to a hard core workout, because after all it’s all about balance. Hard work and some rest for body and mind.

Especially when you are travelling to a new places you know that you are going to walk a lot to explore the place as much as possible and this is a wonderful workout that’s actually does not feel like one because you are getting snappy with pictures, stop for a rest and walk again so in the end of the day you even had walked like up to 20-30 km. Happened to me first time In Paris that I walked 30 km and basically was dead by the end of the day), that’s why I know.  If you want to check out how much you make it in a day, while sightseeing, get yourself a Pedometer app for Iphone or Endomondo for your mobile device to count your steps and burned calories. I use both (depends which has still battery).

My case I knew that will take 4 days off from strength training at gym so worked out harder 31 day before (had a challenge) and stayed on a strict diet to prepare for this weekend to enjoy it fully and guilt free if I eat more than I should, of course I knew I will walk a lot and go swimming so still would have sort of training done. But now the weekend is over and it’s time to get back with training and shaping up body plan and as today is  WW (Workout Wednesday) than today is a good day to talk about booty shape up exercises and actually do them.

Honestly every day is a good day to shape up booty because let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to have a firm and round butt? Here is a 17 exercises for Glutes that you should know and include in your workout routine (but don’t forget to alternate them – do not need to do all of them at once). (To try my sample workout routine that can be done at home/ or wherever you are -click here).




(How to perform each exercise you can see by clicking on the name and it will bring you to homepage where professional athletes and instructors share their techniques and tips).

I usually go with 7-9 exercises with 3-5 sets each by 12-20 reps per set with a short pause in between,  for each body group and alternate them ever 4-6 weeks so my body does not get used to them and keep the challenge.

Exercises to tone your butt

Exercises to tone your butt

Simple Example:

3×12 with one minute pause in between for:

squats (with a barbell or without), lunges, step ups with a knee raise, glute kickback, butt lift, single leg glute bridge.

Good luck toning up your booty! Any questions? tips? suggestions? Feel free to drop me a line.

P.S. If any man wondering – here are 17 Best glute exercises suggested by Men’s Health magazine.

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