Inspiration of the year or my Visual board for 2015

Inspiration of the year or my Visual board for 2015

Every time something comes to an end and something new is in front of us we tend to imagine the new challenge, road or task and set goals for it. Full with hopes and positive feelings. For me it is really important to visualize the goals so I usually create a visual board or my mood board. As Miss Athlétique is my new challenge this year than I have made my moodboard for 2015 to better visualize how this year I wish to be. (My year officially starts now! )


1. Do more things that makes me happy. For me it is writing, traveling, exploring, experiencing.

One of my definite goals is to visit my friends around the world, see their new families. Experience new things, foods, discoveries and personal achievements.



2. Working out. Being active and trying out new activities, sports and be in movement.

My personal goal is to learn a handstand, try surfing and improve my kick boxing – Muay Thai as well as swimming skills.




3. Stay active, ride my bicycle, participate in a The Color Run, inspire others and keep myself pushing harder to have better results.




4. Cooking, baking and letting my creativity go wild with healthy foods and recipes. Because who said healthy eating should be boring. (Already now you can find some recipes under Fit food & Drinks category).






5. Not be afraid to say no and refuse things. ( Like junk food, forced aperetivos and alcohol).


6. Spend more time with friends and family and surround myself with positive people and widen my horizons and friend circle with people of the same mind set.



7. Give Love and be loved. Support and be supported. Encourage and be encouraged. Confront each battle together.

My biggest supporter has always been my boyfriend, my trainer and life couch to who I will be always thankful for supporting me even through my craziest ideas, crises and struggles who talked me to keep on going, push harder and not to give up when things get rough. I wish all of you to find that special someone that brings the best out of you, can drive you crazy and the same time cannot imagine the life without him/her!

This is my 2015 visual board and I hope it will help me to full fill all of these things so next year when looking back to it I will be able to compare and make a review of what has done.





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