Lately I have been asked how and when to work out when you have absolutely no time for it but still want to do something. Well the answer is easy – schedule in advance your tasks and days and make the workout flexible so you can do it at home too after waking up or before dinner or even lunch break- whatever suits you the best. I am sure that everyone will find 15 minutes 3-5 times per week to start/get moving.

This is what I do even on my most busiest days or fullest traveling schedule I try to find the time to squeeze in some 15 minute total-body workout to remain in shape if hitting the gym or going running outside is out of a question. Read More

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Every country has their own tradition for Easter, one of my favorite is Easter egg coloring with natural colors as after you put them on a festivity table, exchange with neighbors, family and friends for neighborly living.  (Also for this reason my family usually go for 30-40 egg coloring as you need to eat them, exchange them and fight them as well).

Easter morning starts with your colored egg finding inside your house or garden (where usually Easter bunny is leaving them) together with some nice card, chocolate and marzipan egg. The egg hunting is usually for all the family together or kids. Once you have found yours you go go back for breakfast and have the traditional egg fight too. Read More


My Saturday mornings are usually spent at my regular gym, but last Saturday’s  back and chest day was at a new place – at McFit newly opened center here in Milan. As a lady with an desire to explore and try-out myself everything before talking about the things, I was instantly ready, when my boyfriend told me that they are offering free trial day and if I feel like going to check it out. Read More

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Tomorrow is officially first day of Spring and it means that it is time to “Spring clean” your diet, so out with the heavy fall and winter fare and in with springtime fruits and veggies.

Eating in-season products is always a good idea as they contains the most nutrition value and vitamins. So here is a nice list of vegetables and fruits you should search for when going grocery shopping to local shop or farmer’s market.

Read More


There are several things that gives you satisfaction in life. For me one of them is a real good workout that takes all the worries away, burns a lot and makes me feel more energetic afterwards however there are also some several rules that you shoudl take in mind to not throw away all the hard work and calorie burning you just have had.

One of the most common mistakes after workout are: Read More

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Let’s be honest, we all have been there and we have all struggled with this question: ” I am eating responsibly, I am active, but still cannot lose belly fat”. This question has made me upset, worried and angry for many years, till I turned to a healthier lifestyle, reached out and start making changes and start seeing results . So here is why you are not loosing belly fat:

1. You are not eating or skipping meals.

When you don’t eat or skip meals your body goes into starving/self defensing mood and it makes food reserves (mostly, unfortunately, on belly) which translates into fat to use them times when do not get the food (when you skipping the meals) therefore you slow down your metabolism and it makes harder to lose the fat. Read More


On Wednesdays I write about Workout and Fitness and today is also the case when I want to share with you some real effective treadmill routine that will just take you 15minutes but will burn 2x more efficiently fat as it is a HIIT training where you need to use different speeds and inclination. However super effective and good to exchange your regular treadmill running with this killer workout. (I suggest you wear black as it will be a funeral to your fat, especially to your stubborn belly fat).  Read More

Have you ever tripped over things or just lose balance and it makes you feel.. am.. Clumsy ? Well you are not alone! Has happened to me many times so decided to measure how sharp are my sixth sense ( Propriception) is and than just improve it to prevent awkward moments in the future.
Proprioception is the ability to sense stimuli arising within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium.
(The most common one is the one you close your eyes and touch your nose – used by American police officers to check if you have been drinking).
So I decided to check my sixth senses but not with this simple exercise. I did a small research and I found out that there is an easy test/exercise to do it – a Stork Toe raise.
Do you want to test your sixth sense? Here is how! Let’s do it!

For first time in my life I decided to run away from everything and everyone and spend Christmas holidays far, far away – at beach in Thailand – more precisely at Phuket. However this will not be the story how my vacation went (it will follow later on), this will be about what I did to remain in shape during my holidays.

We all know that once you are in a foreign country it is hard to stick to “clean eating” and working out regularly, however Thailand is the place where you can definitely remain in shape.  Read More


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