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It’s official! It’s August! It’s Monday! It’s last 3 days before packing bags for holiday! ….aaaand that’s not it! it’s also the week when I am getting married! ( So I hope now it explains where I have been gone for last weeks. I was trying to manage everything including wedding details, long working hours, busy travel schedule and fighting of a mysterious sickness. (Said this I hope I am excused for being absent).

I must say I haven’t yet realized fully that I am getting married by the end of the week, especially because I am still at work and life seems regular – massive blue circles under eyes and work amount as high as mountain! BUT, that does not change fact that this month is going to start a new adventure and will have a new status! ( Now I assume Italians can officially address me as SIGNORA. And I will not mind). Read More

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When you get tired of a (forced by doctor) diet it’s time to get crafty to find a compromise of swapping the traditional morning eggs and Wasa bread for something sweeter – like overnight oats.

Been more than a month that I am allowed just to stick to some selected things and boy I miss my overnight oats and morning oats and some granola and some pancakes with home made fresh strawberry jam..mmm, and some orange juice and fruits…mmm fruits – I miss fruits. sweet temptations. BUT, sticking to my diet and being good, but yesterday had enough and said will try to find a compromise and make my overnight oats this time giving some twist to them – adding some soy milk and chia seeds.

Result was absolutely nice, (super sweet as been skipping everything sweet for so long time that even soy milk was 10 x sweeter than usual) but truly delicious. No official picture, as was too early to get all snappy and everything, but the result is the same as in pictures – good look and yummy.

Here is my ingredients for you to try yourself. Read More

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Inspiration, Workout

Still 3 weeks to go till vacation but before that, there is a little thing called “my wedding” that has eaten up all of my time. To Stay sane I am concentrating to gym and getting my mind in peace by sweating it out and get my thoughts gathered. I must say – works every time and also helps to build that summer body (and also let you to eat a little bit more than you should..obviously at your wedding and vacation, because now it is not the right time to give in to all temptations and cravings.

So today I decided that  I need some visual inspiration for that summer body and gym motivation as it is a workout Wednesday.

Also I have been struggling hard to get back on track this summer with all the crazy traveling and intoxication and stress that have to catch up with my progress so started incorporating more often supersets in my workout in order to burn some more calories and work on that muscle building. additionally rolling to work with my bicycle as an extra calory burner- must say been working nicely.

Me with Mr.Holland and my dog friend

Me with Mr.Holland and my dog friend

I burn 220 kcal to go to work with bike and 220 to come back. I see only benefits on this: No pushing in a crowded public transport, no pollution, fast as wind, independent and shredding while having fun. try yourself.

So here comes my inspiration that might help you too. Read More

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Me & My Beau, Travel
  • Road trip from Porto to Lisbona – 3 friends exploring Portugal
  • Road trip from Porto to Lisbona – 3 friends exploring Portugal
  • Road trip from Porto to Lisbona – 3 friends exploring Portugal
  • Road trip from Porto to Lisbona – 3 friends exploring Portugal
  • Road trip from Porto to Lisbona – 3 friends exploring Portugal
  • Road trip from Porto to Lisbona – 3 friends exploring Portugal
  • Road trip from Porto to Lisbona – 3 friends exploring Portugal

Road trip from Porto to Lisbona – 3 friends exploring Portugal

Between the madness of organizing wedding and business trips I finally have managed to get my hands on my camera and to get all my photos on computer from my last trips including Portugal adventure.

Despite it was just couple of weeks ago, seems that year has passed by as so many things has happened in between. However it is nice to see the pictures and get that lovely nostalgic feeling of the holiday fun with my girls. Already can’t wait to go for a next adventure with them.

We voted for a road trip to get that freedom and luxury to choose what time to wake up, where to stop and what to see on the way so we rented a car. Less we knew that renting car online trough supplier and actually picking it up and having an extra contract would cost us double for insurance, but we learned our lesson to never take insurance online, but directly Read More

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Fit food & Drinks

We all know what is good for you and what should you be eating but sometimes, when the temptations are on every corner, (yes you,  delicious Italian gelato vendors, I refer to you) we forget about and just gave in to our cravings. As I am not in position to gave in to any temptations ( getting married and still under super-strict eating regimen) than I am here to share you some good tips for a healthy and balanced diet that might help you when you are doing your grocery shopping for the week.

Here are some tips approved by Women’s Health Nutritionist Eve Kalinik and me backing up the theory what should you eat for a healthy diet and weight loss.

One week healthy diet menu


Read More

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June has been one crazy month with non stop travelling. Managed to visit Florence, Genoa, Nervi (in Italy), Lisbon, Porto, Ericeira and everything in between along the coast for pleasure, for pleasure but Berlin, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, and on top of that – Las Vegas for work. In short – I spent rushing from one place to another and trying to squeeze in all the works and duties, wedding organization and everyday tasks. And of course not forgetting about gym as well.

When traveling for work I always try to find a hotel with gym in it, but if not possible – going for a run in a nearest park if weather allows or workout at my room.

This time I was lucky as had been staying in this wonderful Vdara hotel and Spa at Las Vegas that had a great gym facilities. Here are some insight from my 6 am gym session. (Must say that noticed that gyms in Vegas are fuller at 6 am than at 10 am, guess jet lag and dedication is playing a big role there as well). Read More

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Inspiration, Me & My Beau
  • Popping-in at Marina Hoermanseder’s show during Berlin Fashion week

Popping-in at Marina Hoermanseder’s show during Berlin Fashion week

So I went to Berlin to see Marina Hermanseder show as part of our new and exciting collaboration between Sanrio and Marina for co-branded Hello Kitty line. The weather was wonderful:sun was shining and the Swarovski  embroidered crystals was sparkling especial bright giving a magic touch to the models outfits.

The line was colorful and fun with nice touch of Marina’s signature belts, bows and butterflies. Wonderful Louboutin sandals and heels gave extra glamour and summer chic to the collection. Needless to say that would love to have them all in my closet too. Both-outfits and shoes.
Here is my favorite picture from the show – with happy and smiley Marina herself after the show.

Me and lovely Marina

Here are some pearls from the show.

Read More

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Fit food & Drinks, Travel

Portugal is famous for her sea dishes, especially for sardines, and what could be a better lunch option than having a fresh fish dish at the seaside right after an crazy morning between plane catching, check-in struggles and car renting misunderstandings? For us finding this small , local all-you-can-eat restaurant with fixed sardine menu was the highlight of the day and actually – of all trip as the best local food experience.

Our lunch stop was at – Mar a Vista. This place I came across as best local place recommendations in Trip Advisor. Which actually provided pretty accurate visitor description of the place and the order of the day: ” They bring you grilled sardines, potatoes and salad, then they bring you more sardines, some more potatoes and salad, and than some more sardines and some more sardines, and when you feel like you cannot eat anymore they bring you more sardines…till you stay stop!” ( From our experience – stop was not enough! we had to say “Stop” for 3 times together with “basta,basta!”  and some hand gestures to stop bringing as we had already plenty. But boy, I tell you – those were one delicious sardines!  Read More

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Travel, Workout

” Surfing is a physically demanding sport. You need to be strong, flexible and have excellent endurance. The fitter you are, the longer you’ll be able to surf for. The faster you can paddle, the more waves you’ll get”. This quote by Surfingsite truly sums up the necessity of being in a good physical shape to try out your first surfing experience.

And I can definitely second this statement for being in a pretty good physical shape myself, but still here are some of my suggestions what helped me to get the best out of my first surfing lesson in Portugal last week. Read More

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Signing up for an adventure is easier to say than actually do it. Especially when you are burying yourself in works, studies, and just every day routine and when the weekend comes you just want to stay in and sleep.

lazy weekend in bed

Lazy weekend

Of course sometimes it is just an absolute necessary to have one lazy weekend when you lock yourself in a house and just get some deserved rest and sleep and time for yourself to recharge batteries Read More

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