WW – Workout Wednesday is here and without an exception also today we are blasting calories! My 31 day shreading challenge before hitting the beach (Palermo calling) in two days is progressing real good – minus 2kg and increased strength and muscles, so keeping focused and eyes on the prize – super fit, healthy and bikini ready (so can start posing my beach workout videos).

Today I wanted to share with you a fabulous booty-boosting, calory shreading training that works out your body entirely – kickboxing. I started  practicing it last year and i must admint i got hooked immediately – so intense, so energetic and so fun! Iamgine punching out all your negative energy and just release your anger with kicks and punches? Trust me – works like charm every time after a long day/ bad week or just to release the tension and make you feel like a Wonderwoman and kick some butts!

Here are some basic moves from my last weekends park workout (I train Muay Thai Thai traditional kickbox) incorporated with some suggestions from IFBB Pro Stacy Alexander (creator of Kickfit training program and owner of A-Team Training Center in Las Vegas.) Read More


Hello in Workout Wednesday! As Each Wedneday it is a gym day, usually it is a Arms and Back for me, as I have devided my strenght training targeting body groups and having strenght training 3-4 times per week. One time i am trying to change things and do a full body blast workout or ABT (Abs, Butt & Tights workout) and coupel of times per week a cardio training. And yes, I do like it and yes, I am not crazy – just determined to reach my fitness goals – improved, leaner and more toned body. Curently also having my 2nd week of my new challenge of 31 day. (So far – so good, slow progress, but keep on going and start noticing results. Must be ready for next weekend’s check-in, so focusing and self-motivation is needed to get there.

Today I wanted to share with you my simple ABT workout plan I designed for couple of girls that reachoud out to me asking for a help to workout and make some routine that can be done even at home that would target their focus zones – abbs, butt and tights. The full routine you can download here to try yourself the days when you do not have time or will to hit the gym but do want to workout. Read More


On a Workout Wednesday I am always trying to share some tips and tricks of fitness and workout to help you to improve your form. Today, I would like to share exercises that are really efficient to burn fat and a lot more intense than regular, static cardio – like running.

This 10 tips I saw on Hamed’s Google Plus page. (Check him out) and I had to share them with you too – because I couldn’t agree more as I have tried almost all of them and trust me – they are super efficient as I can compare with a regular running (I go for a run couple of times per week).

So here is what Hamed suggests: Read More

Fit food & Drinks

And another work week is almost done and weekend is about to start. So excited looking for that because it is finally sunny and that means that this weekend will hopefully open the tanning season- woot, woot! also it has been 5 days since my challenge with myself, so still determined to keep going and sticking to my plan and lose those 3,5kg in 31day!

To stay away from bad snacks especially before bedtime, I have come across to wonderful suggestions tat actually works and will keep you away from snacking!

Here is the list: Read More


It’s been 3 days since my official confession and public declaration after challenging myself to lose 3,5kg till the end of the month! Still highly motivated and determined to prove myself and everyone that I can do it. Yesterday added some evening cardio session- went for a sunset run as first time, in a year, was home at decent time, so had to use the occasion and went for a run before dinner. Must say that felt a lot more determined and energized right after!

Now today is a workout Wednesday and I want to share some basic workout plan to shape up your body (mostly targeting your booty, legs and core). This one consists of really basic exercises and can be done either gym or home. Try incorporate or start this 2 week challenge and you will see how your body will change and improve!  Read More

Me & My Beau, Workout

I know yesterday was a Workout Wednesday but do to a technical reasons was not able to update my blog but today we are back in business and I am ready to share with you a reason, a colorful reason that motivates me to workout, keep pushing harder and striving for progress.

You know what is the thing that inspires me working out? Results! My own results! and progress to see how my body is changing and improving. Especially nice when you receive a nice and sincere compliment that you have a beautiful legs. (Received from a business partner –  a woman) it was truly sincere that made me feel real proud and gave me some extra motivation to keep striving for progress and even better results.  Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Last week has been difficult for me to remain on track with my workout and diet as went to Germany for a business trip for 4 days, and always when travelling eating right is one of the hardest tasks to full fill especially when you have limited food options and are obliged to eat out. For me it has been always an extra hard task to do to watch out to those calories and find the right food and combinations to stick as close to possible to my eating schedule or to close as to daily caloric intake as possible.

Last trip has been extra hard for me as had days when I knew I am not going to see anything healthy for whole day (indeed, had offered just pizza for lunch) which was dreadful so I just did not touch it. To make matters worse I got to the dinner only at 20:00, luckily for me I had predicted something similar to happen so had an apple and a power bar with me to resist the day. Read More


This week Milan is sunny and can totally feel the Spring in the air therefore I decided that today I will go to work again with my bike – my lovely Mr.Holland.

As I have moved out of the city center than bicycle comes here handy to speed up things and also is a great way to exercise while you are not really exercising – just reaching your destination, which you would need to do anyway – one way or another, so why not use this occasion to burn off some calories and cycling is a perfect way to burn off calories, it is fast and efficient and no pollution!

Read More


Greetings from Hamburg! I am again on the road (well kind a) in Germany for a business trip. This week-hitting Hamburg,Cologne and Düsseldorf in 3,5days. As always I am on a tight schedule with travelling, running from a meeting to a meeting and messing up all my eating times and workout plan! However as a determined lady who finds solutions to every complex situation than also this trip I am finding time to workout.

As today is a Workout Wednesday than and last night could not hit the gym, as arrived at Germany at midnight, than this morning woke up at earlier to do a morning HIIT session before confronting the day. Had just 20min but made it intensive. No excuses! Here is my simple morning full body session before breakfast ( burs twice as much). Read More


Friend of mine who is a wedding planner (Can check her blog here – Sposami oggi ( Merry Me Today from Italian) asked me if I could share some advice for her brides-to-be how to get in shape before the big day and naturally (for a normal, busy and stressed women).
Honestly I felt excited and a bit afraid to share some suggestions but I do hope they will help to get in the best shape before your beautiful day! And not only to a beautiful day but for also married ladies or ladies that are not even planning to get married.

So here comes some tips: Read More


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