Reasons and motivation to work out

Reasons and motivation to work out

We all know that motivation is a key to achieve any aim or target, but sometimes one – is simple just not enough. As for me – I have several that keeps on getting updated or changed constantly. 

So if lacking some workout motivation – maybe you should ask yourself – why you should do it and with an answers you come up – just put a reasonable timing for the aim and divide in milestones.

Truly important is to make some reward system that you are comfortable with and would definitely look forward having it and achieving it. (Not including cheating, no! ) So every time you achieve your milestone you will get some reward “coins” just like in a games. or your case – some nice treat. 

For me the treats are some nice item, like new sport’s bra or leggings (to get me inspired returning in a gym to show off my new item – basically creating a vicious cycle to come back for more! )

Nike pink sports bra

My favorite Nike pink sports bra

or some nice new fun gym t-shirt

Cheap Monday t-shirt selfie

Cheap Monday t-shirt


My tee from Cheap Monday is definitely my favorite Monday t-shirt. (Good way to not skip Monday workout) Cheap Monday should think about incorporating this in their Marketing adds.


Moving back to the reason – a good one is: positive endorphins you get after the workout! Like all energetic and happy and ready to take over the world! 

Endorphins. we all need endorphins for many reasons!

Endorphins. we all need endorphins for many reasons!

Going next – one of my yearly objective and milestone is deadline of going to the beach. My first beach is planned first weekend of June, as it’s a long one and cannot wait, as planning to hit the waves at Portugal. So bikini seasons starts early this year! so no excuses! 

to the berach sign

best sign ever


Probably one of my all time favorite pictures with a bad cornering but so true and realistic and so happy – BEACH HAPPY! 

happiness at beach

happiness at the beach

Another reason of mine was the Angel-style photo session, that I am still determined to do it (sooner-or-later) so it is still on! (You can read about it here

Victoria's Secret Angel - Candice

Victoria’s Secret Angel – Candice

..of course I will not unrealistically thinking that will become a VS Angel or have a body like hers, but the photo session – definitely eager to have, mostly because I want to prove that to myself and make myself PROUD! (and no one else, just me! )

Make yourself proud

Make yourself proud

No one else – you you against you! 

And than, of course, as a saracstic person that spices life up with a humor, some hard-core humor and making fun of myself a lot – I need some sarcastic and evil and arrogant gym humor to get me going sometimes.  (Instagram is perfect for that).

Gym Humor

Daily dose of gym humor

Also a daily dose of a inspirational accounts – like Kayla.

kayla Itsines on instagram

Kayla Itsines on Instagram – super workout inspiration and motivation


These are my reasons to work out (additionall to health benefits and looking + feeling good) and if you just remind yourself that enough and surround yourself with like-minded people that lifts you up and keeps you motivated it will definitely help you to get inspired and keep on exercising to achieve your fitness goals! 

Remember – Motivation is the key! 


What motivates you to work out?


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