How to kick-off calories with high-energy kickboxing moves

How to kick-off calories with high-energy kickboxing moves

WW – Workout Wednesday is here and without an exception also today we are blasting calories! My 31 day shreading challenge before hitting the beach (Palermo calling) in two days is progressing real good – minus 2kg and increased strength and muscles, so keeping focused and eyes on the prize – super fit, healthy and bikini ready (so can start posing my beach workout videos).

Today I wanted to share with you a fabulous booty-boosting, calory shreading training that works out your body entirely – kickboxing. I started  practicing it last year and i must admint i got hooked immediately – so intense, so energetic and so fun! Iamgine punching out all your negative energy and just release your anger with kicks and punches? Trust me – works like charm every time after a long day/ bad week or just to release the tension and make you feel like a Wonderwoman and kick some butts!

Here are some basic moves from my last weekends park workout (I train Muay Thai Thai traditional kickbox) incorporated with some suggestions from IFBB Pro Stacy Alexander (creator of Kickfit training program and owner of A-Team Training Center in Las Vegas.)

Warm up.

Do each movement for 40secs than rest for 20sec. Do 2 sets of each exercise.

Jumping Jack: Think of your body as an X: Swing both arms over-head while jumping both legs out to the sides.

High Knee: Stand tall and rise one knee at a time toward your chest. Continue to alternate legs, keeping knees high.

Air Squat: Squat down as low as you can, than stand straight up, keeping knees slightly bent and squeezing glutes. Keep bodywight over heels-you should feel this in your glutes and inner tighs.


Do each of the following combinations in the order given for 1min each, then switch stance to the opposite side and repeat series.

Fight Stance: Stand feet staggered, left foot forward. Bring both fists to just under your eye level, elbows close to sides.

Kickbox: Fight stance position

Kickbox: Fight stance position

This is my serious, combat face. Scary, right?

Air Squat: see description above


Get into fight stance(see description above), Punch straight ahead with left fist, then snap fis back to start. Jab oly left arm. (sorry, example made only with right arm, but the principle is the same).

Kickbox move - Jab

Kickbox move – Jab

Cross: Remaining in Fight stance, punch right hand across the body, using the stregth in your hips to power the movement, pivoting off your back foot. This is your powerful “knock-out” punch. Retract arm and hips and repeat.

( In my version below you can see a jab  first and than Cross).

Uppercut: Begin punch at waist level and continue in an upward motion as though aiming to punch under the chin. Use the power from your hips to drive the punch.

Hook: From fight stance, bend right elbow 90 degrees out to side and punch to the left in a horizontal arc, as it targeting your opponent’s chin. You’ll feel the movement in your core muscles and shoulder.

Knee Strike: From fight stance, bring your back knee up toward your chest, similar to the high-knee warm up. While throwing the knee strike, lift arms as if grabbing your opponent behind the neck and bringing your knee toward her/his face.

Front kick: From fight stance, left foot forward, drive right knee to hip height and kick right leg forward quickly,  exhaling.

(In my example I went for the face – you haev to go to hip height).

KICKFIT COMBOS – the training routine

Begin each combination in fight stance. Do each for one minute, then repeat on opposite side. Rest as little as possible between combos.

Left jab, right cross, jumping jack (2 times).

Left jab, right cross, left jab, right cross, aquat 2 times.

Right Knee strike (2 times), left uppercut, right uppercut, left hook.

Jumping jack (2 times) left jab, right cross, jumping jack (2 times), right jab, left cross, right jab, left cross.

Right knee strike, right-side kick, left jab, right cross, left jab.

Left jab, right uppercut(2 times), left hook, left jab (4 times).


Can make it couple of times, if still has a strenght or just finish up with throwing punches and kicks everywhere – going for a knockdown! Give a try and let me know how it goes! Trust me -those calories will be burning!

Have you ever tried kicboxing? Fitboxing? How did you like it?

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