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Good Friday asks for some good weekend recipe, right? This time want to share with you, my latest, sweet experiment – apple pancakes! Perfect as a sweet treat or as a power breakfast to substitute those morning oats!

I must say this Spring has been one, crazy rollercoaster: travels, impressions, new people, crazy feelings, long days and even longer working hours, dedication to get in shape ( because, let’s be honest-round is not the best shape, hehe), neglected friends and new, life changing plans for the summer.. But hang in there, will keep you posted on that part too! But for now, let’s get back to my latest fit breakfast experiment – apple pancakes!

Incredibly easy, fit and healthy recipe that even a newbie will master and impress a foodie!  Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Have you ever wonder how does that alternative, vegetarian pizza base tastes but was kind a scared to try yourself? Well don’t worry! I experimented on myself! Must tell you – tastes absolutely great! and would never even tell that it is made from cauliflower.

I decided to give a try to this alternative pizza as a) cannot eat any bread products nor any yeast products so pizza is out of a question. (Living in Italy does not help you to resist the temptation). So I decided to give a try to this vegetarian pizza base myself.

All you need is 1 cauliflower, 100g almonds, an egg, some 100 g cheese, food processor and some patience. The last one you will need a lot.

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Fall is asking for not only season garderobe change but also for local veggies and fruit season change. Even though apples are all year around fall has the best time to enjoy fresh and juicy apple just from the tree (or local farmer’s market) full with those vitamins and antioxidants, or in a different recipes – like baked apples.

I love apples in all forms and in all recipes and therefore experimenting with them always. Baked apple recipe is my latest obsession: fast, easy, healthy and delicious.

My latest recipe inspiration comes from Katie at Some Bits and Bobs blog. I went for adopting her Vegan Gluten-free nut crumble served in apple recipe and this is what I came up for – a healthy and easy baked apple dessert that’s perfect for breakfast or as a fit snack. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

As always the last week before winter holiday’s is the worst, especially when you are working and this week is one of the key to close the year. So it means: reports, overview, presentations, budget and of course meetings. hours and hours of meetings to close all the outstanding and plan the year ahead. 

As I work in a sales department it is definitely one of the most hectic time – the year-end. All the numbers and budgets to present and justify. Long story short – this week is just terrible. No gym, no social life, no nothing – just work to manage everything to close the year and leave for holiday happy. As today is already Friday than it means that : A – I survived this week, B- I survived also all the presentations and report presenting to my top management. 

I guess for me the hardest part is surviving 5-6 hour long meetings without pauses, especially because my lifestyle and diet requires to eat every 2-3 hours and my body has absolutely used to this rhythm. (You better do not mess with a hungry girl, because she is HANGRY – hungry+angry). But as going psycho or eat straight out of my meal box wouldn’t be appropriate during presentation to my bosses I came up with the best solution ever!

The most important part is preparation for not having meal by calculating your approximate time and meal you will skip. as in my case was 5 hours without eating than I mastered this way:

  •  I ate 5 min before the meeting my regular snack.
  • In a takeaway coffee cup (to avoid any questions and sneak-a-peaks in it) I prepared a protein shake  as meal substitute I could slowly sip at the second haslf of the meeting when the huger kicks in.
protein in a coffee takeway cup

25g of protein in a takeaway coffee cup to survive a long meeting

protein shake in a takeaway cup

Takeaway coffee mug works splendidly to hide what’s actually your drink – my case Vanilla Protein

(This is where protein samples comes handy. I always use MyProtein for emergencies, travels and occasions like this. )



As easy as that I substituted 1 meal with a right amount of the protein (25g) and spared “talking belly” during the meeting.

Works for me splendidly.

What about you? How are you surviving without eating long meetings?

Fit food & Drinks

On a sunny autumn Friday asks for a something sweet and cuddly to satisfy sweet tooth so why not make a nice bowl of a strawberry nice cream to make a reunion with my old friend even more special?

Last night arrived to Guernsey (Channel islands) where she and her family is living to celebrate her kids 1st birthday (and as a good aunty couldn’t miss this important day) and spend some time together and just chat up after a week of terror, stress and meeting after meeting in fair in London. Definitely needed to wind down and this place seems to be the right one for that but about about that – later on, first – let’s have a nice healthy snack to get some vitamins and energy to confront it. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

We all know that eating greens are good for us! Especially broccoli which is super veggie and even included in World’s Healthiest food list and full of vitamins and low on calories. However as not many people are not fans of them than sometimes we overlook this green fellow and do not include in our shopping list, me included! But i decided to change that and start eating it more often but only if I find some interesting healthy recipe. (As you might have noticed – I do love to try out my hand on different, healthy recipes).  

So far I have tried my hand in baked Broccoli tots recipe that I came across in Pintrest by talented Layla from Gimme Delicious and decided to give a try after checking out her recipe and this is what I came up to with a slight modifications. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

On rainy and gloomy Fridays like these all we want to do is crawl up on a sofa under a blanket, cuddle and have something delicious to comfort our souls. Of course the usually option is some unhealthy sweets and rather often we reach out for an ice cream when we definitely shouldn’t.. (You know, diet and stuff?) So I have come up with the best alternative to sweets and healthy food combination that suits me just perfect: a NICE CREAM

It can be even vegan and gluten-free – the limit is the sky and master chef in you. As my boyfriend is lactose intolerant than this is wonderful option also to treat him with a (n)ice cream plus definitely fit version of it.

My weekends cheat-meal snack is Strawberry Nice Cream (vegan and lactose free and so fit so you won’t have a guilty pleasure, just pleasure). Below is recipe – also printable to try at home! Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Have you ever struggled to stick to your diet while traveling? If answer is NO than either you have superpowers or you are lying to yourself. I will be honest, it has been always my biggest fight with myself – to keep my diet, follow my strict eating regime and timings and stick to foods that I have to eat, especially when I have to travel for more than 2 days for work. It has been like that lately and it has been extra hard to me especially because for 10 days I had to eat only liquid or truly soft foods so had to adopt my diet to it.

Awful, difficult and so frustrating are the words that describes my last weeks diet and lifestyle. I am quite disappointed with myself and current condition that couldn’t follow nor control easily what I am eating, loads of foods I could eat was full of sugar and salt, the timings were shifted because I have been traveling and sitting in meetings from morning to night, following company dinner afterwards that messes up everything and on top of that – lack of exercise as were not allowed to and when I could was not able to add a training in my agenda (apart the morning workout in my hotel in Stockholm) as my days started already at 6am and finished 11pm. Needless to say that were exhausted to add a 1h of a workout. The result is disappointing – gained weight (2 kg) and loss of muscles (which is worse than gaining weight).

Despite falling out of my regular diet, I was glad to be in Sweden as this Nordic country offers great healthy options everywhere and are really cautious on what people are eating as it must be fit, healthy and “clean”.  Nordic food companies are promoting the healthy food options and foods heavily they are even putting calories also on top of their packaging just to show how healthy they are, invests in fit smoothies and high protein drinks and foods so staying fit in these countries are easy-peasy!  Read More

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Fridays are perfect days to experiment and try out some new recipe – this time I went creative and decided to give a try to a salty cake. As I have never tried one before than it was quite a challenge to see how it goes and I must say it turned out absolutely wonderful, delicious and so much more easier than I thought! BUT, there is always a catch! The patience! Oh, boy! you need a patience to slice and roll,slice and roll. When I realized that all the slices of the veggies must be the same size I hated myself as I knew it will be a looooong preparation process..and indeed, it took me like an hour to roll it, so not planning to repeat it anytime soon, even if it was one of the most delicious things I have ever made.

As this is recipe is really easy, healthy and delicious than it is an absolute must try! Will positively impress your friends/ family at a dinner/lunch party everyone! And I mean EVERYONE! So here come the recipe. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Last day, guys! Last day before heading for vacations so it means just one thing – happiness is in the air (along with the smog, humidity and incredible heated Milan air – yes, still melting feeling), but happiness is taking over everything else leaving secondary! My Friday morning started wonderful as had for breakfast a Hulk protein bread I made last night! and I must say – it turned out yummy so was waiting since last night to be able to try it!

As it is so good, than it is a must to share the recipe with you guys! Originally based to MissK_J6 recipe (check it out here this girl has wonderful clean recipes and ideas! ), but as I ran out of all kind of coconuts that’s needed in her recipe than just went improvising and turned out wonderful, healthy and low on calories!

Hulk Protein bread recipe: Read More


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