Mind Games workout challenge by Dan Roberts accepted

Mind Games workout challenge by Dan Roberts accepted

Every time I am traveling my choice for airport reading falls to Women’s Health magazine UK as it is full of interesting things, workouts, tips and confessions – not only entertaining but also educational. Especially I love to see the workouts by star trainers and fitness experts as always find something exciting and new to try out or include in my gym routine to spice it up a little. This time was not an exception as decided to challenge myself by doing their September issue workout by star trainer Dan Roberts

As a person who loves to experiment, improve and throw challenges to myself  than I was immediately intrigued and where determined that must test immediately this world famous trainer method: Mindfulness together with martial-arts Hiit

Mostly I was curious to see if this workout actually does something, like makes me feel my muscles ache the day after. Let me already anticipate you – it does. OMG, it does. The day after was bad, especially for my groin muscles where destroyed by doing 100 knee strikes per leg (1st exercise), as this is a muscle that is trained really rarely or superficially, well at least my case. 

The challenge by Dan Roberts on Women's Health

The challenge by Dan Roberts on Women’s Health

I tracked the whole workout and without cheating wrote down my results to see how did it go. For me it took exactly 30 minutes to complete it, including the pauses. Also it burns, and it burns a lot – 209 kcal tracked by my Polar Heart rate monitor – watch. 

Tracked progress by completing the workout

Tracked progress by completing the workout

Actually this whole workout consists only by 6 exercises, but it has many repetitions and few must be done slow as aimed for balance. 

Move number 1 – Mixed Martial Arts knee strike. (Challenge – had to be done 100x per side). 

Move 1 - Mixed martial arts knee strike

Move 1 – Mixed martial arts knee strike

I must be honest, around 30th repetition I was thinking – OMG this is never ending and I started feeling my side. Around 80th strike I was about to collapse and was thinking – I will never be able to walk tomorrow. Well, kind of true, as my groin was sore and was hating me the day after. decision – definitely works!

Move number 2 – Incline push-up test. (Challenge – do 50 reps under 2 min).

Move 2 - Incline push up test

Move 2 – Incline push-up test

This was tough as well, but managed to make it 1.50 min. (Than i collapsed, but did it).

Move number 3 – The mindful V-sit trial.(Challenge – hold it for 3 min).

Move number 3 - The mindful V-sit trial

Move 3 – The mindful V-sit trial

Do it, pretty easily, increased even to 4min.

Move number 4 – The jumping split squat max out (Challenge – do it as long as you can non-stop. 30 sec).

Move 4 - jumping split squat max out

Move 4 – jumping split squat max out

God, this is tough one. Always had issues with it. first time I made 20 secs (shame on me) than took a brief pause and repeated another 2 times (48 secs and 28 secs again). So do not feel that started so badly.

Move number 5 – the Jovan test (Challenge – 10 reps each side without rushing).

Move 5 - Jovan test

Move 5 – Jovan test

This seems easy, but combining the squat and jump out and side plan and side mountain climbers is NOT easy, repeat – NOT easy! and doing 10 per side is hard, but nailed it, although realized should improve my results. 

Move number 6 – The sumo squat 100 challenge

move 6 - sumo squat

Move 6 – sumo squat

The ones who has done sumo squat knows that it is not the easiest from the squats (well, no squats are), but this one is extra challenging for your abductors and glutes so doing 100 is madness. The smile was only first 30, than it disappeared..


Overall I can tell you that the Dan’s challenge was completely worth trying to and including in workout schedule as it is aimed for several muscle groups to tone and improve your body. So definitely recommended to try at home. So grab your WH UK magazine copy and try yourself.


Anyone tried it? How was it?  Would love to hear your results! 




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  1. Rocco

    August 20, 2015 at 9:53 am

    Amazing 🙂


  2. Dan Roberts

    October 12, 2015 at 1:29 am

    Well done!


    • admin

      October 19, 2015 at 1:16 pm

      Thanks, Dan! Were sore next day but definitely not sorry! Loved it! Keep up with a great job!


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