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As on Fridays I always try to reveal some of my recipes or fit food experiments an also today is not an exception as I wish to share with you my last recipe I tried my hand in – a Shrimp zoodles! It is not a new word nor discovery for a healthy food world and food trend hunters which has been obsessing about this new invention:  zucchini+noodles = zoodles! Basically you get your own (colorful) noodles without having to get the carbs of the pasta! And may I just add – they do look colorful and fun on the plate?!

So I decided to try out something for myself by mixing zoodles, shrimps and red bell pepper and this is the result – a fit diner dish that is so delicious that you will be licking your fingers and ask for more!

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Monday is for challenges and new beginnings! it’s a perfect occasion to reset something or uptake a new thing, it’s like a second chance to start over that’s offered to you every single week. So today I am also throwing myself a new challenge to reset my caffeine effect or challenge myself to not use coffee for next two weeks.

The thing I decided to do it is just because I believe that coffee is not anymore doing the effect to me as it used to so I want to go back to the time when I never drank coffee (5 years ago), but living in Italy you just get used to a nice cup of a good espresso that you just cannot do it without. Moreover as for a athlete caffeine is an essential for a performance boosting before training and it should better have it’s effect properly so it is a time to resit it! Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Have you ever struggled to stick to your diet while traveling? If answer is NO than either you have superpowers or you are lying to yourself. I will be honest, it has been always my biggest fight with myself – to keep my diet, follow my strict eating regime and timings and stick to foods that I have to eat, especially when I have to travel for more than 2 days for work. It has been like that lately and it has been extra hard to me especially because for 10 days I had to eat only liquid or truly soft foods so had to adopt my diet to it.

Awful, difficult and so frustrating are the words that describes my last weeks diet and lifestyle. I am quite disappointed with myself and current condition that couldn’t follow nor control easily what I am eating, loads of foods I could eat was full of sugar and salt, the timings were shifted because I have been traveling and sitting in meetings from morning to night, following company dinner afterwards that messes up everything and on top of that – lack of exercise as were not allowed to and when I could was not able to add a training in my agenda (apart the morning workout in my hotel in Stockholm) as my days started already at 6am and finished 11pm. Needless to say that were exhausted to add a 1h of a workout. The result is disappointing – gained weight (2 kg) and loss of muscles (which is worse than gaining weight).

Despite falling out of my regular diet, I was glad to be in Sweden as this Nordic country offers great healthy options everywhere and are really cautious on what people are eating as it must be fit, healthy and “clean”.  Nordic food companies are promoting the healthy food options and foods heavily they are even putting calories also on top of their packaging just to show how healthy they are, invests in fit smoothies and high protein drinks and foods so staying fit in these countries are easy-peasy!  Read More

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  • 4 delicious places you must try at Palermo
  • 4 delicious places you must try at Palermo
  • 4 delicious places you must try at Palermo
  • 4 delicious places you must try at Palermo
  • 4 delicious places you must try at Palermo
  • 4 delicious places you must try at Palermo

4 delicious places you must try at Palermo

During my trips I always try to explore the typical cuisine and some particular places of the spot. of course I always try to go for the fit and healthy food as much as possible but also traditional food of the place I do love to try and share my experience. (Another good reason to workout and do cardio because it allows you to try some things that is not so ” clean” or “low on calories” as they should be, but what would be life without pleasure of exploring new tastes and pleasures? I always try to go with a 90/10 plan – 90% clean eating and 10% something that is out of my diet, therefore I am not torturing myself and it helps a lot to stick to the diet better as you know that there is a time you can treat yourself.) As I knew I will go to Sicily, which is world famous for its cuisine and especially sweets (even though not big fan of sweets, as prefer salty things) and I knew that won’t be able to work out for that weekend so I just had a pact with myself – do some extra hard dieting and workout routine 31 day before so I do not feel guilty of enjoying my time there. And I must say – it was a wonderful experience indeed. (The Palermo post you can read here).

As I had there just for a long weekend than I couldn’t explore too many places, but the ones I did, is definitely worth mentioning and a crime not to try the food there.  Read More

Fit food & Drinks

TGIF! One of the nicest letter combination of whole week  – Thanks God It’s Friday! Outside is sunny and mind is travelling and alreayd planning new things for the weekend ahead! Could have been a long weekend, as on Tuesday is a national holiday here in Italy, so could have taken also a day off on Monday and just stayed in, BUT as I am going for a short break next weekend, for my bf’s birthday, than will be going to work on Monday.

As my fit challange with myself is still on and and deadlne is approaching, than must be stronger than ever, however sometimes you do feel like having something to sattisfy that sweet tooth of ours but the same time need to stay on the strict objectives, so I came up with a recipe (really easy-peasy one) how to have soemthing sweet and still stick to the deit plan.

Greek yogurt + some immagination is the key and you have a wonderful, low call, high in protein and anti oxidants dessert that can be eaten also at evening! Here is how. Read More

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FriYaY! Indeed, finally “Yay” as the it is end of a long and tiring working week and weekend is right in front of you! I am already planning that this weekend will be dedicated to make some healthy and ft recipe and go to a Spring parade (fitness festival )here in Milan. So if you are in the city – do not miss! Here is the link to the event. So join and let’s celebrate Spring between fit people and good music and have loads of fun.

As today is the FF – Foody Friday for me, than I want to share with you (slightly revised by me) a chart I saw on a magazine in Germany about healthy food swaps to save on calories and to make some changes in your diet too. I tried to make it pretty easy and visual for a bigger impact.

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And another work week is almost done and weekend is about to start. So excited looking for that because it is finally sunny and that means that this weekend will hopefully open the tanning season- woot, woot! also it has been 5 days since my challenge with myself, so still determined to keep going and sticking to my plan and lose those 3,5kg in 31day!

To stay away from bad snacks especially before bedtime, I have come across to wonderful suggestions tat actually works and will keep you away from snacking!

Here is the list: Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Today is first day of May and that means that here in Milan is opening of the World Expo whih will be for next 6 months. This time the theme is Feeding the Planet – Energy for life, so it means all about food, nutrition, living on this planet. Already set my plans to go to visit it and see all the pavilions for myself but will wait when the buzz goes down and therefore having an lazy day at home and cooking is one of my favorite thing to do.

This time I am going to share my newest experiment – bread – olive bread recipe.  Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Last week has been difficult for me to remain on track with my workout and diet as went to Germany for a business trip for 4 days, and always when travelling eating right is one of the hardest tasks to full fill especially when you have limited food options and are obliged to eat out. For me it has been always an extra hard task to do to watch out to those calories and find the right food and combinations to stick as close to possible to my eating schedule or to close as to daily caloric intake as possible.

Last trip has been extra hard for me as had days when I knew I am not going to see anything healthy for whole day (indeed, had offered just pizza for lunch) which was dreadful so I just did not touch it. To make matters worse I got to the dinner only at 20:00, luckily for me I had predicted something similar to happen so had an apple and a power bar with me to resist the day. Read More


Friend of mine who is a wedding planner (Can check her blog here – Sposami oggi ( Merry Me Today from Italian) asked me if I could share some advice for her brides-to-be how to get in shape before the big day and naturally (for a normal, busy and stressed women).
Honestly I felt excited and a bit afraid to share some suggestions but I do hope they will help to get in the best shape before your beautiful day! And not only to a beautiful day but for also married ladies or ladies that are not even planning to get married.

So here comes some tips: Read More


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