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How to make an efficient weight training at hotel’s gym

How to make an efficient weight training at hotel’s gym

In a days like these, when it’s raining cats and dogs all I want to do is to stay in and crawl up on a couch with a hot cup of good tea and read some good book. As I am not on holiday, but on a business trip in Tokyo with one hell of a full agenda than it is not possible. Therefore I have not left choice but to be super active, energized and loaded to manage to make the best out of my trip and overcome the jet lag and be efficient and productive and the best medicine for adopting to the new rhythm is a workout to get you going.

Tip number 1 – You should always check out your destinations fitness center/ gym possibilities in hotel or near distance”.

Luckily for me I am staying in this wonderful, luxury hotel at the heart of Shibuya – Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel. It offers a wonderful facilities and one of them is (quite) fully equipped fitness center, such as: Treadmills × 5, Exercise bikes × 6, Smith machine, weights, leg extension, and more, to ensure you a possibility to maintain your fitness level like a pro. 

Cerulean tower hotel Tokyo fitntess club

Cerulean tower hotel Tokyo fitness club


fitness club equipment

fitness club equipment

When you know what is at your disposal you can start thinking how to make the best out of your trip and workout incorporating with your agenda and possibilities. As here is raining every day than running at closest park is impossible (which I always love to do as a great way to know the district and enjoy the view).

Tip number 2 – check out the weather conditions for outdoor workout/ running to bring the correct apparel & shoes with you.  

As my agenda is full since early morning till late night (including business dinners) I am always having a morning workout. Usually around 6 am. Also this trip is not an exception and the day after I arrived I woke up to hit the gym to have a Leg day, as there were all the weights needed to perform it completely. 

Drop it like a squat (and give me 15)

Drop it like a squat (and give me 15)

Here is what I did for Legs:

  • 10 min jog in 2% inclination to warm up
  • 2×20 leg rotation (side to side legs holding in 90°) lying on back with arms wide open
  • 2×15 superman style lying on back with palms behind head doing back extension
  • 1×15 squat with a bar to warm up
  • 4×15 squat with 10-20kg (1-1,5 min pause in between reps. I go with my heart rate monitor till the pulse drops to 120)
  • 4×15 deadlifts with stiff legs
  • 4×15 leg press
  • 3×15 lunges with dumbells
  • 3×15 back extension (hyperextension) with weights
  • 1x2min plank
  • 10min stationary bicycle
  • Stretching (most important! To prevent strains and sourness the day after!)
better sour than sorry

better sour than sorry

Honestly the day after was tough for me as had to take loads of stairs and lack of proper exercise in last month were hitting me hard. Moreover today I am feeling completely destroyed as yesterday did also arms and back so today is full set of sour muscles. (Better sour than sorry, they say… hmmm I guess that’s correct as I am not sorry at all!)

second day in a row in hotel gym - woot, woot

Arms and back exercises – here I come. Second day in a row in hotel gym – woot, woot

Here is what I did for Arms and Back (Supersets):

  • 10 min jog
  • 3x3x20 small weights for dumbbells to warm up (arm lifting straight front, up and sides – dumbbell flying)
  • 20×4 – push-ups + Military press (5kg)
  • 4×15 triceps/biceps row with a bar (pull together to belly back inclined in 40° and back straight) + arm extension straight with dumbbells
  • 4×15 lat machine in reverse position (bar behind head) for back + dumbbell flying from sitting position resting chest on knees
  • 3×20 crunches with legs on the wall in 90°
  • stretching

Tip number 3 – don’t forget to warm up and stretch (afterwards) properly to avoid injuries and ease muscle pain !


Voilà! These are my magic 3 tricks from Tokyo-staying in shape hotel workout! Next days planning morning cardio and HIIT session to stay in shape, to look and feel good! ..Something like this. (My outfit of the day).

Outfit of the day to hit the Tokyo meetings

Outfit of the day to hit the meetings in Tokyo


Greetings from Typhoony Tokyo. Stay tuned and I will keep you updated!

XoXO Egitaa




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