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Motivational Monday – switch up workout routines to stay inspired

Motivational Monday – switch up workout routines to stay inspired

Buongiorno Milano! I am back from my one week (seems-like-one-month) getaway to Latvia and ready to get back on track with my training and clean eating lifestyle. Also I expect this to be an exciting week as well as going to switch up my gym workout schedule for a new one and implement some new exercises and techniques to give some extra boost to my progress and of course also to lose that extra kilos taken from all the barbecues, gatherings, wedding and lack of exercises(hit the gym just twice, BUT did it properly with my friend Martins and fitness mentor. Here is a sneak-a-peak from our Leg day – did not walk the next 2 days properly).

Recently I have been asked what I am doing to switch up my workout/ exercise routines to stay motivated and the answer is simple – variation and not letting yourself to get too comfortable. I constantly try to challenge myself to push harder, if the weights getting “lighter” I am adding some extra kilos therefore constantly trying to beat my own best and not letting those muscles get too comfortable.

Exercise for abs with weights

Exercise for abs with weights

The same thing is with the gym routine – it must be changed constantly so the muscles don’t get used to exercise and therefore stalling the progress. This is what I did in Latvia – I went to gym to train with Martins, who also are training and preparing girls for bikini competitions, therefore perfect way to train together with a professional and ask some advises for new routine.  Usually I hit the gym 3-4 times per week training arms and chest, shoulders and back, and legs and butt. Every 4-5 weeks I am changing my routines exercises for each of the group of muscles by switching weights to machine or vice versa in additional adding some extra weights every or every second week to the exercise to make it more challenging and not get bored. However the changing of weights and exercises really depends on each person, some gets bored easily, like me, and needs to make changes often also because your body is really smart and adopts real fast to things. While others might change the routine less willingly or in a longer time period. Some athletes prefer to change every week – it all depends on possibilities and how it makes you feel post exercises. I believe that if you feel like you could still continue working out and that the same exercises seems not so difficult anymore or get bored during doing one, or even don’t see any progress -it’s time to change.

The weight training exercises I prefer that someone professional helps to design for me while cardio or HIIT training I prefer to make myself as I know my limits and also because it’s real fun and challenging.

Cardio exercises using stairs

Cardio exercises using stairs

Cardio training or HIIT I try to variate pretty often, especially lately as weren’t able to go running due to problems with my knees and afterwards was way too hot to run outside here in Milan (inside I get bored of static running on treadmill so prefer to alternate with different cardio exercises – like stairs master).  HIIT and cardio blast exercises I use also when I am travelling and especially when my hotel doesn’t have a gym and I have a really full agenda to squeeze in a proper training than this is the best option to train in your room before starting my day. (Some suggestions you might find here). Another good suggestion is using Nike Training club app (N+TC) which suggests you different types of exercises and offers challenges every week.

Aerial Yoga class

Aerial Yoga class photo credit –

Last but not least – I love to explore  and to try new types of training and exercises to keep me excited and motivated. I have tried piloga (pilates + yoga) class, Yoga – however the class in my gym was not fitting my agenda therefore had to say no to that. In my next to-try list is Aerial Yoga – anti gravity yoga, which I would love to try but as it is pretty new than still need to find a place where they are offering it in Milan and the second is climbing I wish to uptake so I can try the real mountain climbing experience on some of my holiday trips but the ultimate dream is to learn and master surfing. All of these sports are combination of a strength, resistance and agility (balance) and perfect to incorporate with a regular gym workout routine.

Summer is for water sports and outdoor workout

Summer is for water sports and outdoor workout

During summer I love water sports, like swimming, and water workout classes – like hydro-bike,  circuit workout or TRX training in a park or beach, important it is outdoors as prefer to spend as much as time possible inside.

After my Muay Thai (Thai kick box) lesson in park

After my Muay Thai (Thai kick box) lesson in park

But my all time favorite sport and workout is Muay Thai. Had been practicing for half a year and despite the blue legs I am still looking forward for each training – insane calorie burner, makes your blood circulate faster and not easy at all, but so rewarding by the end of the training.

To sum up the basic things that keep me motivated and not get bored in my workout schedule are following:

  • change weight training exercises routine every 4-5 weeks
  • constant self-challenge with weight increasing when exercise becomes too “easy”
  • differentiation of cardio and HIIT exercises every week
  • adding/ trying different types of sports and exercises
  • finding a sport discipline you love

That’s it folks – constant self challenging, exercising and variation is the answer to the results, improvements and loads of endorphins. So keep on going, stay motivated and Happy Monday!

What about you? how you keep yourself motivated?

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