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How to not be intimidated by the gym

Last 10 days has been a wild roller coaster during my business trip in Japan. When I am travelling it is really hard to maintain my physical form as well as stick to my diet. Luckily for me I was staying in a wonderful hotel at Tokyo which had a great gym with several exercise machines, so were using that to stay in shape and get adopted to the new time zone faster. (Having a good weight training or a run always helps me to get over the jet lag faster).

As a person who is quite shy than getting acquainted with a new gym, it’s equipment, courses, timings and make new friends is quite challenging for me. (Not even mentioning how strange for me is to go around a skyscraper to search for it’s gym, dressed in workout clothes. Not my preferred activity at all. Especially when my colleagues and clients are staying the same place). However I always try to not think about what others think and just concentrate on my goals and reason why I am hitting the gym. And trust me – it helps! 

As I believe that I am not the only one that has some intimidation issues with gym than will try to list some things that might make things easier also for you. (Works for me). 

I believe that Nike has nailed it with the “Inner thoughts” video (see above), that reflects what women thinks while in gym. We have been the newbie struggling with our own thoughts and insecurities, but trust me – we are many like that even if sometimes does not seems like that from outside. Even me, I might appear dedicated, arrogant and closed down that speaks to no one in gym, while I am glad to encourage, give an advice or just workout tips, spot at exercises or just exchange a small talk. I am so in, even if does not seem like that. So my best suggestion is not to be shy and talk, ask or even smile to someone – it will definitely help you to make some good gym contact if you are going alone.

But before that try to educate yourself about the gym/fitness center/hotel you are heading to so you know what are you facing. Check their homepage, read reviews and forums. Check videos if find any. talk to people who are going there, if know any and get prepared. 

If possible– tour the gym and ask as all the questions that interests you to get as much impression and knowledge about the place. after all – you do not want to buy a cat in a bag and remember there is no such thing as silly questions! Every pro was once a beginner!

Get a gym buddy – well that is the best thing ever to go together with someone else that would help you to get acquainted with faster as well as motivate to go even those days when you do not feel like. A perfect motivation. Great way if some friend is already going and know the place and courses well, so you can just join and he/she will be your key to settle down faster.Win-Win!

Make a playlist that inspires you! Good music is a key to a great workout! So make the best out of your cardio or strength workout with the music that inspires and motivates you. (I have listed some of my music here as well as in my Youtube playlist ). 


make a inspirational music playlist and let's go!

make a inspirational music playlist and let’s go!

If do not feel like going to courses but want to head towards weights than I would recommend to get a personal trainer (like I did at very beginning that helped me to get over my fears, tech me technique and motivated to push harder) or look up some basic weight exercises from online (I use for techniques and tips – offering videos too, or some fitness magazines or my trainer suggestions – see my routines under section Workout  like this is my basic leg day exercises – check it out here). 

Last but not least – relax, do your thing and concentrate to your ultimate goal why you are there and you will see that will gain confidence in no time! 

better for it_Nike

Better for it – dont’ give up! Eye’s on the prize! photo credit – Nike

Just don’t give up and let’s do it!

BTW today  I am signing up for a new gym so have to start all over again, so decided tpo share my gym newbie tips with others too! Hope it will help! 


If you have any questions, doubts or just want to chat up – drop me a line! Will be glad to hear from you! Stay motivated and let’s get back in shape! 



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