Workout: 15 minute treadmill routine that will burn fat 2x faster

Workout: 15 minute treadmill routine that will burn fat 2x faster

On Wednesdays I write about Workout and Fitness and today is also the case when I want to share with you some real effective treadmill routine that will just take you 15minutes but will burn 2x more efficiently fat as it is a HIIT training where you need to use different speeds and inclination. However super effective and good to exchange your regular treadmill running with this killer workout. (I suggest you wear black as it will be a funeral to your fat, especially to your stubborn belly fat). 


Here it goes:

2 minutes – warm up with a walk or slow jog at 1% incline (Choose your own pace. I warm up with 5,5 kph and run at 10-11kph, but it is really individual, do not push over your limits and start slowly if a newbie at this)

1 minute eachJog at a 2% incline -> Run at a 2% incline -> Fully recover (i.e. walk until your heart rate returns to normal) at a 2% incline

30 seconds eachRun an all-our sprint (as fast as you can, safely) at a 2% incline -> Fully recover at a 2% incline (Note: if it is takes longer than this to bring your heart rate down, that’s fine). -> Sprint at a 3% incline -> Recover at a 3% incline -> Sprint at a 4% incline

1 minute – Recover at 2% incline

2 minutes – Jog at a 2% incline, than increase the incline (i.e. 2%, 4%, 6%,8% ) every 30 seconds

1 minute – Recover at an 8% incline

30 seconds each – Jog at an 8% incline -> Run at a 4% incline -> Sprint at a 2% incline

1 minute – Recover at a 2% incline.


I usually listen active music as it motivates me and keep me pushing harder. (Just don’t put soft songs – will give you opposite effect). (Can check out some of my workout songs here).

If you feel like giving a try a proper treadmill workout (35 min) try this one suggested by Women’s Health Magazine.

35 min Treadmill workout

35 min Treadmill workout

*Just so you know: 0,2 mph = 0,32 kph; 0,4mph = 0,64 kph; 1mph = 1.61 kph etc. (here is converter just in case).

One more tip – try competing with someone – you will see that running will be much more fun when you have a competitive spirit! (Even if they don’t know you are competing with them. I must admit I always sneak a peak whet my neighbors are doing just to compare. ) Or try to challenge some of your friend – more merrier!

Treadmill competition

Treadmill competition – have fun challenging your buddy or a stranger! 

Alright then, its time to print them out and give it a go for yourselves, and if want to learn for some alternative training and belly fat burning exercises, check out Mark’s article and tips dedicated especially to ladies that wish to burn that stubborn belly fat offering several methods to do so ‘ starting from weight training to diet. All good tips that actually work – so go and check it out and let’s burn that belly fat!

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