No equipment training routine to stay fit on the road

No equipment training routine to stay fit on the road

You don’t have to be a champion to become a champion! this was the a motivational picture I got after finishing my N+TC workout yesterday morning before heading to my first business meeting her in Stockholm. It’s been a while since I could work out due to my dental intervention and frequent traveling lately, so this kind of motivational picture, popping up on my screen after a good workout, was exactly what I needed to start my day good and encourage to get back on track (and stay on it – as I will be travelling a lot upcoming months as well) with my workouts and training routines. 

However, travels are not excuse to not work out. Yes, it is more challenging, as you have to make an extra effort to find strength and motivation to work out after/before a long day of traveling and meetings but once you have squeezed in a workout in your schedule, even a short one, it is definitely worth it. I am completely honest when I say that I have never ever regretted waking up 1 h earlier before to have a 20, 30 or 45 min workout session before starting my day. It’s not because I wouldn’t love to sleep! No, no! But love for my body and workout benefits it’s grater than desire to sleep in, so I just get myself up and do a quick workout session that will energize me for the rest of the day. 

Usually I work out at my hotel room and having a HIIT or body weight circuit sessions as the hotel gyms are pretty useless anyway, if there are any, as it is pretty convenient and time saving. Also yesterday morning was the case and worked out using only body weight and my limited space in my hotel room.

Trust me, it is all that you actually need to keep active while on road as even a short training can be really effective to maintain the fitness level and stay fit on the road. 

My yesterdays workout routine was actually an N+TC app recommended one for getting lean, as wanted to try something new, but had not much time to come up with my own routine ( which I usually do) so this is where the app comes handy because you can choose the most suitable one for yourself prepared by professional Nike team by your own preferences, possibilities and physical preparation level from beginners to advanced programs.

Hotel workout ready

Hotel workout ready



The training routine I chose is called Fighter Fit and it does makes your blood circulate faster. To make you understand better what I am talking about – you should try it for yourself at home some routines from N+TC and you will be surprised how effective they actually are. So here is what I did:

FIGHTER FIT 30 min workout routine by N+TC

* 5min warm-up, by doing several exercises to prepare the joints, like back lunges, leg kicks and light jog.

The next 20 min was mixture of all muscle group exercises like planks and burpees in mix with leg exercises, like squats, on place quick running and jumping, knee tucks and froggers

* Last 5 min was dedicated to cool down and a stretching of legs.

Voilà! Fast, effective and does not requires much and can be done even on the road or during business trips, like I am having. So no excuses to not working out even when traveling, just get yourself N+TC or check out some of my suggestions for hotel workouts and you will be seeing or maintaining your fitness level ( or even improving) in no time. (Don’t be shy! Add me to the N+TC as a friend and let’s work out together). 


How you stay on shape while traveling? 

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