Brazil – day 5/6

Day 5 and 6. (still extremely excited and amazed of the diversity of the country and lands, views and nature.After exploring the city of Lençois, with it’ s beautiful, colorful houses and went to a mountain river, which was really amazing, we went to Torrinha mountain where are huge caves where you can go for 3h. (of course, we did not, as you need to have a guide and a right equipment.. you know, Batmans and stuff are living there?!

After checking out the cave we went to Pratinha – an amazing place where you can go snorkeling and diving with crystal clear  water – a river where cows, horses, donkeys are coming to drink water. just breath taking view.
as night falls here around 18:30, we had to go to our next hotel, which was real hard to find in a dark, in the end we made and it was really great. the view was splendid. (which we noticed just in the morning), you can sit on the porch in a hammock or a comfy chair and just enjoy a good book or cup of   freshly squeezed mango juice. (i don’ t even want to describe the breakfast – it was tooooo good to be true).
as a nice addition, you could even have a little shopping there – some different kind of ladies dresses,and yes, i got myself one.
after nice morning, we went to a Morrao do pai Inacio (1120m) which we climbed bravely Our first mountain (for me and Lina! CHECK!
after this nice ”workout” we went to Poço Encantado – the enchanted well. it is a lake in the cave and it was discovered in 1940ies by a hunter. the water is clear blue and so clean. it was re-opened to a public last year as it was closed due to a several difficulties to a owner of the land.
a fun fact, the guy who worked there said, that he do not recall any other latvian coming there – ever! SCORE!

now off to diner after checking in and having a quick swim in a pool in the rain 🙂


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