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What should you eat for healthy and balanced diet

What should you eat for healthy and balanced diet

We all know what is good for you and what should you be eating but sometimes, when the temptations are on every corner, (yes you,  delicious Italian gelato vendors, I refer to you) we forget about and just gave in to our cravings. As I am not in position to gave in to any temptations ( getting married and still under super-strict eating regimen) than I am here to share you some good tips for a healthy and balanced diet that might help you when you are doing your grocery shopping for the week.

Here are some tips approved by Women’s Health Nutritionist Eve Kalinik and me backing up the theory what should you eat for a healthy diet and weight loss.

One week healthy diet menu



  • grains: quinoa, buckwheat, rice (wholegrain)
  • A) oily fish like salmon, mackarel, sardines for Omega 3
  • B) lean meat – chicken or turkey fillet
  • vegetables
  • Here are some healthy office lunch ideas



  • lean meat- chicken, turkey
  • white fish – cod, tilapia etc
  • green vegetables – spinach, salads, broccoli, Brussels sprout, peas, soya beans, zucchini, etc.
  • Check out how to make Zucchini-turkey/chicken meatballs nice alternative to eat your meat

IF thinking to explore further – check out some of my eating tips for starting a diet – first week. and many more recipes and fit ideas under Food category – all guilt free, tested and so delicious that you will forget you are eating healthy.

Stay tuned and Happy Friday!


What is your typical week on a plate? Let me know in comments!


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