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Recipe: Takaway breakfast – overnight oats with strawberries

Recipe: Takaway breakfast – overnight oats with strawberries

Waky waky, it’s Friday! While most of people are on their way to work I am was off to airport to head to Palermo, Sicily where will spend this weekend! So excited for all the new experiences in tastes ahead, but first things first – today is Foody Friday and as this is a travelling post than wanted also to share with you my travelling breakfast secret and tip to catch an early flight/train and not to snack at airport on something unhealthy.

My solution, that work’s always is overnight oats. It’s easy, fast and so delicious. It is perfect, if you do not have time to prepare breakfast at morning, so you prepare it the night before and just eat it before hitting the road or option B – take it with you in a food container.

The recipe is simple:

Put in a food container ( if will carry with you the breakfast) or bowl 5-7 spoons of oat flakes,add some cinnamon (your choice, I personally love a hint of cinnamon in my oats as well as chia seeds)  pour over warm water and in the end add some strawberries on a top (or prepare the cubes/ slices and put apart add directly next morning so they don’t get soft overnight).  Close the lid or cover the bowl with a plate and put in the fridge overnight and next morning will have a wonderful and refreshing oatmeal. (The variations of fruits can be different. I usually use blueberries and blackberries but the fruit choice depends on you.

My overnight oats with strawberries right out of a food container

My overnight oats with strawberries right out of a food container

This is me having my breakfast at a train station on a bench before catching an early train and going to a beach. And no, not ashamed of eating in public (mostly because it was so early that were just couple of people at the station). Of course i could eat at train too, but had to wait train for 20 min, but were starving and had to have it.

So stay tuned guys, I am off to my adventure.

P.S. when having breakfast on road don’t forget to pack napkins and spoon! 🙂


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