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Recipe: Apple and Oat Muffins

Recipe: Apple and Oat Muffins

Lately I have a turned to my baking-instinct and let it go wild baking sweet stuff. This time I tried to make my first muffins – low sugar and no butter with a healthy touch!
Here is the recipe to bring your own home-made muffins on the Easter table. 
My inspiration

(This cupcake-towel hanger on the kitchen wall was my inspiration of this muffin-try-out).
so here we go!

You will need:

1 egg
1 glass of oat flakes (I didn’t use the whole ones)
1 glass of milk
2 glasses of flour
3 tb.spoons of olive oil
2 tb.spoons of room-temperature water (boiled)
0,5 glass of brown sugar
1 apple
1,5glasses of rasins
0,5 d.spoon of cinnamon
1 d.spoon of baking powder
0,5 d.spoon of salt
0,5 d.spoon of baking soda

1. peel the apple and chop in small pieces.
2. wash the raisins and once done soak them in boiled water for 15minutes. to get them soft. than get rid of the water
3. in a mixing bowl mix together all the ingredients
4. mix in well the raisins and apple pieces
5. warm up the oven to 200°C and meanwhile put in the muffin baking form the muffin papers-forms (I used them so it is easier to get out of the pan afterwards and looks nicer as well)

6. fill in the mixture in forms covering just 2/3 therefore leaving a space them to grow

7. put baking for 20minutes (do not open the oven at all or at least first 15minutes, otherwise they won’t grow due to the temperature change).
to check weather is ready (getting deliciously brown) use a match or a wooden stick to test if the pastry is not sticking to it. If it is – still need to bake some more.
 Voilà! and we are done!
home made, healthy muffins
Go ahead and try them for yourself! They are perfect addition for Easter afternoon tea with your friends, relatives or family.
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