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Fit food & Drinks

Back in June Sanrio came out with their latest “chich” products to their fans – a Hello Kitty branded melon and all have to admit it’s quite kawaii way to get those kids eating more fruits and bring the branding to the next level.

Last week I was again in Sanrio headquarters in Tokyo to see what our mother company is coming out next at Sanrio inhouse Expo and I am glad to tell that soon will be joining that cute melon some other cute and delicious looking fruit with super kawaii packaging. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

We all know what is good for you and what should you be eating but sometimes, when the temptations are on every corner, (yes you,  delicious Italian gelato vendors, I refer to you) we forget about and just gave in to our cravings. As I am not in position to gave in to any temptations ( getting married and still under super-strict eating regimen) than I am here to share you some good tips for a healthy and balanced diet that might help you when you are doing your grocery shopping for the week.

Here are some tips approved by Women’s Health Nutritionist Eve Kalinik and me backing up the theory what should you eat for a healthy diet and weight loss.

One week healthy diet menu


Read More

Fit food & Drinks

As on Foody Fridays I always touch the subject of something delicious and fit, however as last 10 days has been week of sickness so no experimental cooking nor new recipes tried than this weekend I am so on to try-out something fit, particular and delicious. I already have 100 ingredients in my mind I wish to eat and try and mix together so I decided to share such eye-candy fit food with you and maybe you can suggest some nice recipe yourself that should try out based on my below list! Read More


One week around of my challenge of my intensive training program and the feelings are exactly as they were on Friday – sore! Really, truly, sore. Just this time adding sore legs and booty (gosh, I have been missing out on training and now my body is making me suffer for that), topping to already feeling in pain I am also feeling destroyed, sleepy and honestly pretty deluded as this morning weight-in did not see any change on my weights.

However I said to myself: you can be sorry for yourself or you can do something about it to change it and learn the lesson out of it. And this is what I did!

So I was wondering what are the points that makes achievable any challenge, whatever it is and I came up with a list how to achieve the goals. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

As here in Italy was a long bank holidays it was a perfect occasion not only to recreate and catch up with works but also experiment with some new recipes. This time I decided to try my hand in Sweet potato snack recipe and I must say it turned out even better than I hoped. 

Easy, fast delicious and perfect snack on-the-go. Fast to prepare and need just 4 main ingredients but still delicious and filling – so win-win situation to those who want something sweet but the same time fit and something that allows you to stick to the diet (especially helpful before Christmas holiday).

The main things you need is a peanut butter and Sweet potato, some cocoa powder and some flavors for taste+ oven and a little bit of your time. Printable recipe sheet below. (HERE is recipe how to make a peanut butter at home, like I always do. SO EASY!)   Read More


Believe it or not but tomorrow is already 1st day of December! The year has flew by already and there is left just 3 4 weeks to Christmas therefore it is time to bring out those last year’s resolutions and double check what’s still left uncrossed out since last year, and it is the last time to still catch up with some works and promises.

Of course some of them will not be able to full fill, like learning a handstand (was my resolution, but did not manage to learn it properly), therefore I am not going to kill myself by doing it and get upset with myself that I didn’t but instead will just look back and analyse/think what went wrong and how can I improve and if still it is in my wish-list. (Already saying – it is! So not giving up on that). But this is my suggestion for all things that haven’t been done and you wished you was – don’t stress about it instead think how to improve and adjust some goals to do it.

What’s more important than is to spend this month in peace, think of things you are grateful in this year, make plans to visit friends and family already before Christmas, not just Christmas day, call up some old friends ( call today, why not? ) or just send some nice, cheeky note from past memory that will make smiles and lift spirits! Will see how it will bost your own mood too.

Happiness is contagious! So spread it!

(Sending one right now – BRB).

Another my suggestion is to make some visual board – mood board of the month, just like I did . Even if it is cut out of magazines and put on the wall, or Pintrest collection or even We Heart it (can check out my Winter dreaming Mood Board there, to avoid magazine cutting (spent all night preparing my inspiration boards for next articles and collaborations).

winter time best spent at home

Winter is the time for home and beloved ones

And of course use the December to catch up with all the works you have been postponing and not pushing hard enough. Want to go to gym?

Call today and make an appointment- don’t wait when New Year comes!

(Tip – on January gyms are overcrowded by guilty people after Christmas holiday and it might cost you more than now).


Want to lose weight? Don’t wait tomorrow – set up a plan and set Christmas as your goal (or first step) and insist on it! No excuses and hot cocoa temptations. (I have set for myself and started when got back from Latvia and already down by 1,1 kg! however still 3 weeks to go! (Already know that holiday’s will not be able to ht gym and will not be able to cook much (going to Calabria – South of Italy to spend my holidays there with my boyfriend and his family and honestly – can’t wait!  

ditch the cocoa - use tea

ditch the cocoa – use tea or infusions instead

Prepare your own gifts! Make a minute and think of the gifts for each person! Invest some time and put a thought in it! After all Christmas time is not about gifts and not supposed to be stressful. it supposed to be being together, sharing joy and great moments! What’s for me – it love wrapping paper and just low ripping joy!

Ripping open wrapped gifts guarantees always giggles and chuckles when you start screaming: “RIP IT! RIP ITTTTTTT!!!” So think of that! 

Christmas gifts

Handmade Christmas gifts

If you are good at cooking or not, (Even better, it will be more appreciated) Think of baking some cookies/ granola bars/ ginger bread cookies/cakes/muffins/ jam! and wrap them nicely. Trust me- everyone will appreciate more than that regular scarf/ tie.

Lastly don’t forget to head out and do something you like, reset your mind, read a book or go for a nice walk in Christmas markets / mountains / park – better in a company!





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