Spring is here, summer on the door step and it means – diet on the full swings and workout & cardio is go-go! 

So far April going as planned and sticking to diet, going to work (8+8 km) with bicycle 2x a week as extra cardio and regular (3-4x per week) gym hitting including strength and cardio training. The best way to give a boost to that stubborn fat is HIIT training (have wrote about it already and can see some exercise programs here). So today, in workout wednesxday, sharing with you my new HIIt trainign program that consists only from 3 moves, but burning like crazy!

3 move HIIT workout

equipment needed : treadmill, jump rope

4km (2,5 mph) – treadmill walk to warm up


Treadmill walk – 2min at 4km/h incline 6

treadmill run – 2 min at 11,3km/h ( 7 mph) incline 4

Treadmill walk – 1 min at 5 km/h (3 mph) incline 0

Jumpe rope – 200 reps

Sit ups – 50-100

repeat 2-3 times


What’s your exercise plan for this Workout Wednesday?



Fit food & Drinks

As on Foody Fridays I always touch the subject of something delicious and fit, however as last 10 days has been week of sickness so no experimental cooking nor new recipes tried than this weekend I am so on to try-out something fit, particular and delicious. I already have 100 ingredients in my mind I wish to eat and try and mix together so I decided to share such eye-candy fit food with you and maybe you can suggest some nice recipe yourself that should try out based on my below list! Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Fiber  is definitely not the sexiest substance on the planet but definitely useful one as the research shows that it definitely key on fighting to lose fat if consumed average 30g daily* however average European eats just 18g. The reason behind is that fiber keeps you satisfied and fuller with fewer calories for longer therefore preventing hunger cravings. 

It does not mean you have to go crazy scanning all the product labels next time you are grocery shopping, all right? Simple upgrade to your daily meals is enough and here is my top 10 to improve your fiber intake easily. 


Fiber rich foods

Fiber rich foods


So just spice up your meals with shredded coconut, some chia seeds in your morning porridge or cocoa powder, some mushrooms in your scrambled eggs or popcorn in your midday snack and you will be feeling more satisfied and full that will eventually translate in eating less and therefore weight loss! Basically win-win situation!

Happy Friday and let’s spice up our dishes!


*Study in Annals of Internal Medicine. 

Fit food & Drinks

Fridays is the time of the week that I am looking forward the most as it means – weekend is around the corner and also it means that I am going to share with you, my dear reader, a new recipe/experiment as on every Foody Friday.

Today’s experiment an healthy egg and broccoli casserole that is perfect for dinner and a great alternative to frittata or regular chicken.

This egg casserole is one of the easiest things to prepare and does not need much all you need is some eggs, pre-cooked broccoli, some bread crumbs and some cheese if wish to give some texture to it. if wish to try yourself – just print/save the recipe below and go for it! Fit, healthy and delicious!  Read More

Inspiration, Me & My Beau

I know many people who dislikes Mondays but I am not one of them, unless I step on the scales and I do not like what I see – a weight increase..(Why, you cruel world, WHY? ) As on every Monday I have always the weight-in time to check my progress/regress of my workout & dieting program and I must admit that the result on the scales can affect my mood quite a lot ( not for a long, tough, but still enough to make my face frown if negative result).

This morning was not the pleasant one as I did not like what I saw, especially because been busting my butt in a gym in a hard workout sessions and clean eating all last week to catch up with my regress after Japan. Of course I felt robbed and down despite the fact that I know that scales reflects just a number but mirror and your clothes are the real indicator of your progress.

Scales shows just a number but mirror and your clothes are the real indicator of the progress you are making.

But sometimes Read More


Being in my 4th week of training and diet schedule I have started incorporating additional tools, exercises and variations to keep constantly my body challenged and pushing the limits. This week I started adding jumping rope to my exercises to get that heart ticking and that fat shredding. 

As usually Saturdays I have cardio and when the weather allows I am having my Muay Thai lessons outside. And as with every fighting and combat/ cardio workouts is a perfect addition to add jumping rope to it, just like Rocky does. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Foody- Friday is here and today and it means another weak is behind our backs and another weekend is ahead of us. Specially difficult for the ones who are on the tight diet, like I am. Resisting food temptations is not easy, but so rewarding. So swap those aperetivo fries for a salad or make your own  aperetivo/ social gathering at home and build your own, perfect and healthy salad and snack that would save up on your calories and pocket.

Here is how I build and shop for my week ahead for salads to make it colorful, interesting, nutritious and delicious.


I have already shared some of my recipes of salads and office lunch so can check them out for inspiration. But this time – how to make your own salad with a nice visual that speak for itself. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

It’s been 5 days in my no-cheating, no-excuse new workout and diet challenge of 84 days and I must say I feel great! Been following my training schedule and managed to stick to all of them as well as all meals and timings. 

Sure there is also a downside, that been hungry, like, hmmm, how to better put this – all the time?! And sore, oh gosh been feeling sore like crazy (and leg day is only tomorrow..). But determined to keep up with my schedule (which you can see  HERE and download also a template to start your own training). 

As for food – I am getting on the track with the meals as well and eating 5 times per day with moderation portion. 

Here is how my meals looks like: Read More


It’s been a month I have run out of a gym subscription and I still haven’t renewed one. it’s not because I would be injured, or lazy but because I have been running around so much that physically had no time to squeeze in proper workout sessions at gym But that does not mean I have stopped working out – Not at all! I have been busting my butt at home workout by doing HIIT, and targeted area exercises or having Muay Thai lessons and even squeezed in some TRX training to stay active till get my things in a order and start gym again. 

Even though next week is my last week before heading to Calabria (South of Italy) to spend winter break so no point of signing up for a gym yet. But not about vacations is this story, but about HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. 

Jumping Split squat miss athletique

Jumping split squat – one of efficient HIIT training exercises

As a busy girl I not always have much time to do do proper training therefore HIIT comes here really handy as it is really time consuming, efficient and can be performed everywhere. 


  • Efficient – indeed, it can be squeezed in even in the busiest schedule. (The research shows that a 15 minute HIIT session done 3x per week is more efficient than running for an hour on a treadmill. Moreover it improves your aerobic capacity and stamina);
  • Burns more fat – you heard me! it burns fat twice as much. Moreover your body keeps on burning fat 24 hours after the workout. ( explains it scientifically);
  • Increase endurance – extreme training endures and significantly increases your stamina and it’s proven that it will make you to double your performance;
  • No equipment needed- it can be done everywhere depending on your space restrictions (even bedroom), meaning high knees, jumping lunges, burpees, etc.;
  • Lose fat, not muscles – as weight training also HIIT allows to burn fat and not burn muscles as steady cardio;
  • Increase metabolism – HIIT stimulates human growth hormones which increases caloric burn and slows down aging;
  • will not make you bored – trust me, this program definitely will not bore you as there possibilities are endless.

To sum up the HIIT is a perfect instrument to build a stronger, faster and more efficient you – basically 2.0 you by burning fat faster and keeping muscles to give you definition (not talking about bulk. will not become HULK, you just won’t! So don’t worry! add 1-3 HIIT workouts to your training routine and will see you start seeing results in no time!


Some of the different routines you can find HERE and HERE and even HERE.

As today is workout Wednesday I think I am going to make some killer session tonight as well! Who’s in?




We often tell ourselves that we do not have time to work out as we have many things to do and when get back home is late and the will is gone to leave the house again to hit the gym or the weather is too bad to go for a run. Or lunch break is too short to go to the gym and get back to the work, etc.  True, it is not easy to force yourself and change the habits, but you have to start somewhere to get things changed and get your body moving if you want to see some changes. Even a short work out during lunch break or before work counts! but you must have a will to try and here is how I am doing it.

if you are not changing anything, nothing will change”

This is also my moto, you have to start somewhere and have the will to give a shot as you will never know if you will not try. I know it is hard to make a big changes overnight and change old habits, but one step at a time and you will see results in no time. 

I have already wrote about keeping notes of diet and setting goals to reach results and see your body changing as well as what exercises you can do at home that burns fat effectively that does not require any weights, but as today is Workout Wednesday and a Workout is a must than I would like to share with you my workout I did before hitting the work this morning. It is easy and does not even require much space therefore no excuses not to try it. Here we go. 

20 min workout routine that can be done everywhere

Do 3 rounds with 30 secs to 1 minute rest between sets :

  1. 20x knee cross crunch with weights (pic above)
  2. 20x static squat 
  3. 20x sumo squat (with or without weight)
  4. 20x lunges on spot (10x per one leg repeated twice)
  5. 2x5m band side walk in squat position
  6. 20x elastic band Extension shoulder level or above head
  7. 20x cross body elastic band shoulder lifting. 
  8. 20x cross body mountain climbers


20 minute workout routine

20 minute workout routine

It is really efficient training and does not even require much space. To make it harder I used 2,3kg (5lbs) anckle weights.

So you now it burns 171 kcal -perfect to start that blood circulating faster and that fat burning. I personally find it pretty useful to sneak in a morning workout if I see that will have no time to squeeze in a workout in the evening and live in a regret that I skipped a workout.


Have you ever done morning workout? How was it? What’s the hardest part to you to break habits?


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