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Eye candy or fit food and recipe inspirational Friday

Eye candy or fit food and recipe inspirational Friday

As on Foody Fridays I always touch the subject of something delicious and fit, however as last 10 days has been week of sickness so no experimental cooking nor new recipes tried than this weekend I am so on to try-out something fit, particular and delicious. I already have 100 ingredients in my mind I wish to eat and try and mix together so I decided to share such eye-candy fit food with you and maybe you can suggest some nice recipe yourself that should try out based on my below list!

The first thing that I do crave is cherries, not yet season, but already summer dreaming of these sweet fellow.



The first thing crossing my mind – some tartine or some maybe fit muffin with cherries?

Cherry tartine

cherry tartines

Anyone has some nice cherry tartine recipe?

Next thing I have in my to-make&try list is something nice with avocado. (Avocado morning toast with chicken?)

oven baked avocado

Oven baked avocado

One of my favorite are also Hulk Protein bread with avocado – so good and so healthy. Must try! Check recipe here

Next idea in my mind is some nice black-rice salad…maybe with peas and salmon? Tried something similar at my family’s brunch other day and had been longing them to try myself ever since.

black rice

black rice

Pumpkin. I think should make also some pumpkin soup or purè or pie?

pumpkin laksa

Pumpkin laksa by


Oh, just found this wonderful and delicious picture by and i think I should try exactly this one. 

And on this note, all my wishlist of foods to try has come to an end, aslo becuase there is not enough meals nor time to try all the meas that crosses my mind already, nor time, this weekend, so will have to stick with the above or make a selection.

What about you? what’s your craving this Friday? what recipe you can suggest with these foods?


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