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10 fiber-rich foods to add to your meals

10 fiber-rich foods to add to your meals

Fiber  is definitely not the sexiest substance on the planet but definitely useful one as the research shows that it definitely key on fighting to lose fat if consumed average 30g daily* however average European eats just 18g. The reason behind is that fiber keeps you satisfied and fuller with fewer calories for longer therefore preventing hunger cravings. 

It does not mean you have to go crazy scanning all the product labels next time you are grocery shopping, all right? Simple upgrade to your daily meals is enough and here is my top 10 to improve your fiber intake easily. 


Fiber rich foods

Fiber rich foods


So just spice up your meals with shredded coconut, some chia seeds in your morning porridge or cocoa powder, some mushrooms in your scrambled eggs or popcorn in your midday snack and you will be feeling more satisfied and full that will eventually translate in eating less and therefore weight loss! Basically win-win situation!

Happy Friday and let’s spice up our dishes!


*Study in Annals of Internal Medicine. 

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