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Fit Easter table or egg recipes and tips

Fit Easter table or egg recipes and tips

Every country has their own tradition for Easter, one of my favorite is Easter egg coloring with natural colors as after you put them on a festivity table, exchange with neighbors, family and friends for neighborly living.  (Also for this reason my family usually go for 30-40 egg coloring as you need to eat them, exchange them and fight them as well).

Easter morning starts with your colored egg finding inside your house or garden (where usually Easter bunny is leaving them) together with some nice card, chocolate and marzipan egg. The egg hunting is usually for all the family together or kids. Once you have found yours you go go back for breakfast and have the traditional egg fight too.

Traditional egg fitght

Traditional egg fight

One of Latvian tradition also says that you must eat egg with the salt otherwise you will tell the lies all year around. (for me it is pretty difficult as I do not use salt at all and do not like yolk, but one egg I go for every Easter).

Easter eggs

Colored Easter eggs

These are my mom’s colored Easter eggs last year. The colorful patterns comes from natural colors, like onions, red beets, different flowers and grass that’s put around the egg and boiled. As they are natural than can be eaten.

To make your Easter table more colorful and fun here are some colorful, low on calories and interesting recipes and inspiration for your Easter table. One of the different egg dish is an Fritatta made as appetizer. Low on carbs and high on protein. For recipe check it here.

Egg frittata as appetizer

Egg frittata as appetizer

Real fast, easy and fun way of making your table more colorful.

Another egg idea (good for breakfast) is Egg clouds. have tried them myself – all you need is an egg, frying pan and whisk to whip the egg whites and put in an oven for couple of minutes.

Egg clouds

Egg clouds

Egg clouds


As i do love my food cute and also play with it than here is some fun breakfast inspiration – a funny face for not only Easter morning.

Cute Breakfast egg idea

Cute Breakfast egg idea

If coming your friends over and have still way too many hard boiled eggs (not consumed during breakfast) – make these lovely mice or bunnies for a table decoration.

Easter table decoration - egg bunnies

Easter table decoration – egg bunnies

These are my egg suggestions for a fitter Easter table and for different taste for those regular eggs. Try them out yourself instead of all those chocolate and marzipan eggs and candies and your body will definitely thank you and will spare you some hard hours sweating on a treadmill to kill all those unnecessary calories taken during the holidays.


Happy Easter!

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