It’s been a month I have run out of a gym subscription and I still haven’t renewed one. it’s not because I would be injured, or lazy but because I have been running around so much that physically had no time to squeeze in proper workout sessions at gym But that does not mean I have stopped working out – Not at all! I have been busting my butt at home workout by doing HIIT, and targeted area exercises or having Muay Thai lessons and even squeezed in some TRX training to stay active till get my things in a order and start gym again. 

Even though next week is my last week before heading to Calabria (South of Italy) to spend winter break so no point of signing up for a gym yet. But not about vacations is this story, but about HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. 

Jumping Split squat miss athletique

Jumping split squat – one of efficient HIIT training exercises

As a busy girl I not always have much time to do do proper training therefore HIIT comes here really handy as it is really time consuming, efficient and can be performed everywhere. 


  • Efficient – indeed, it can be squeezed in even in the busiest schedule. (The research shows that a 15 minute HIIT session done 3x per week is more efficient than running for an hour on a treadmill. Moreover it improves your aerobic capacity and stamina);
  • Burns more fat – you heard me! it burns fat twice as much. Moreover your body keeps on burning fat 24 hours after the workout. ( explains it scientifically);
  • Increase endurance – extreme training endures and significantly increases your stamina and it’s proven that it will make you to double your performance;
  • No equipment needed- it can be done everywhere depending on your space restrictions (even bedroom), meaning high knees, jumping lunges, burpees, etc.;
  • Lose fat, not muscles – as weight training also HIIT allows to burn fat and not burn muscles as steady cardio;
  • Increase metabolism – HIIT stimulates human growth hormones which increases caloric burn and slows down aging;
  • will not make you bored – trust me, this program definitely will not bore you as there possibilities are endless.

To sum up the HIIT is a perfect instrument to build a stronger, faster and more efficient you – basically 2.0 you by burning fat faster and keeping muscles to give you definition (not talking about bulk. will not become HULK, you just won’t! So don’t worry! add 1-3 HIIT workouts to your training routine and will see you start seeing results in no time!


Some of the different routines you can find HERE and HERE and even HERE.

As today is workout Wednesday I think I am going to make some killer session tonight as well! Who’s in?




We all know that in order to shape up booty we must exercise (and diet), but to get the best results (for ladies) the biggest emphases should always be but on weight/ strength training especially on lower body parts : legs and butt. As today is a Workout Wednesday than I would like to share some of my routine at gym for efficient booty lifting exercises I have been doing, and I must say have improved quite a lot. (Hello tight dresses).

The first thing is to not be afraid of lifting weights or trying some machines when you are at the gym because that is where you can really make some notable changes by lifting weights (and NO, you will not become bulky or a bodybuilder, especially women – it just not happen!) . Of course if you are a complete newbie you should ask someone to show you a round. better if it is a trainer (not a random, good looking guy that seems to be knowing what he is doing. Might turn out he is clueless and just comes to gym to pick up girls.. so bet on the safe side and search for a professional trainer). 

Here are a simple training plan you can do at gym when you have a leg/butt day.

Read More


We often tell ourselves that we do not have time to work out as we have many things to do and when get back home is late and the will is gone to leave the house again to hit the gym or the weather is too bad to go for a run. Or lunch break is too short to go to the gym and get back to the work, etc.  True, it is not easy to force yourself and change the habits, but you have to start somewhere to get things changed and get your body moving if you want to see some changes. Even a short work out during lunch break or before work counts! but you must have a will to try and here is how I am doing it.

if you are not changing anything, nothing will change”

This is also my moto, you have to start somewhere and have the will to give a shot as you will never know if you will not try. I know it is hard to make a big changes overnight and change old habits, but one step at a time and you will see results in no time. 

I have already wrote about keeping notes of diet and setting goals to reach results and see your body changing as well as what exercises you can do at home that burns fat effectively that does not require any weights, but as today is Workout Wednesday and a Workout is a must than I would like to share with you my workout I did before hitting the work this morning. It is easy and does not even require much space therefore no excuses not to try it. Here we go. 

20 min workout routine that can be done everywhere

Do 3 rounds with 30 secs to 1 minute rest between sets :

  1. 20x knee cross crunch with weights (pic above)
  2. 20x static squat 
  3. 20x sumo squat (with or without weight)
  4. 20x lunges on spot (10x per one leg repeated twice)
  5. 2x5m band side walk in squat position
  6. 20x elastic band Extension shoulder level or above head
  7. 20x cross body elastic band shoulder lifting. 
  8. 20x cross body mountain climbers


20 minute workout routine

20 minute workout routine

It is really efficient training and does not even require much space. To make it harder I used 2,3kg (5lbs) anckle weights.

So you now it burns 171 kcal -perfect to start that blood circulating faster and that fat burning. I personally find it pretty useful to sneak in a morning workout if I see that will have no time to squeeze in a workout in the evening and live in a regret that I skipped a workout.


Have you ever done morning workout? How was it? What’s the hardest part to you to break habits?

Me & My Beau, Workout
  • How to get the best out of a rest day
  • How to get the best out of a rest day

How to get the best out of a rest day

As much is important to stay consistent to your training schedule and do not skip workouts (without a  very! good reason) to have a results, also having a proper rest day is much needed for body to build strength and soul as well! Of course we all like to have a rest day and have our own time to be lazy, reflect and just recharge your batteries (walking home all day in jammies and just be plain lazy (guilty!). However it often ends (at least to me) to be unproductive what, I hate the most, as I believe it is wasting the precious time while I could be productive and clean up things from my schedule and not pile them up.

 It took time but I have finally worked out and come up with a balance to rest properly and also get some things done on my days off the workout and it definitely helps me to not feel guilty.  

In order to get the best out of the rest day here is a list of tips and suggestions how to make the best out of it and that will lift your productivity and will not make you regret wasting your day. (Works for me! ) Read More


The winning strategy for efficient fat burning and muscle toning is doing cardio training before any strength workout. However not any cardio will do you good if you will not align it with your workout routine. As today is a Leg day for me than I decided to share you some of my pre-workout cardio tips before working out lower body. 

Forget about running/jogging before working out legs as it will decrease your leg strength and power during training.

Jogging demands more of the knees, hips and ankles making it not ideal for doing right before a leg workout, moreover it doesn’t match up to the same type of movements and hip flexion that you will need during your leg exercises.  

The best would be to do exercises that would mimic the same movements you will be doing later Read More


We all know that hotel gym’s usually does not really offer much possibilities for an efficient workout and that could substitute a proper gym, usually offering just a treadmill, a mat and maybe a bike and couple of weights if you are lucky, so you have to be pretty creative to get a proper workout done. Luckily for me, Novotel West Hammersmith London had more to offer and made my staying last week there way easier. 

The gym itself is not big but offers quite a space and some basic machines: like treadmill, elliptical, rowing and bicycles and in addition multi function weight training machine, fitness ball, step, bench, mats, and dumbbells. Basically basic things to ensure you a good training.  Read More


New week and new challenges, new starts and new adventures. Not sure what this week will bring me but I am sure that I am going to make the best out of it. Today I am off to London for a fair (looong,looong hours spent in it and no real London enjoying , which is a pity, BUT work is work and so I am not complaining even more because on Friday I am off to Guernsey – (Channel Islands) for a long weekend to meet my friend and celebrating my nephews 1st birthday. But before I go I want to share some of my inspiration of the day to keep you motivated,  inspired and encouraged to go after your dreams, work on yourself and improve!

As lovely Audrey Hepburn says:

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! 


Dream a little bit bigger

Dream a little bit bigger


Sometimes we need a little pink note to remind you that you can always dream a little bit bigger and stopping at “good” is not enough – you deserve more! Strive for excellence! Make yourself proud! Whatever you are doing!


keep going

Don’t give up and get inspired

And Ryan..well he knows that squats are good! so keep on squatting, girl! Good motivation, huh? Works for me and my booty and not planning to stop till I will not be satisfied 100% with my fitness results despite on every obstacle that holds me back! ..and you shouldn’t too! 





This week you can definitely feel the changes in the air, not only in temperature dropping but also with all the things happening around me and seems that with the change with the season is getting active not only sports clubs but also different events – sporty events. There was already several runs, Fluo run, The Color run (pity I had to skip it due to my Japan trip) and now there are another interesting event/run coming up in Milan this weekend that you should check it out! Unfortunately cannot participate as I am under antibiotics for this week (got unexpected medical intervention) , so I will be cheering for all the girls taking part in it (…aaand silently envying them), as it looks it will be some great event!

Women Night Run (Senza Paura* (IT – without fear ) organized Read More

Inspiration, Workout

Have you ever had that thought in your head that you heart will explode and will collapse before the finish line – aka your goal target distance?  If answer is yes – don’t worry, you are not alone. I have had it several times, especially when I restart running after long time, like after injury or for several other obstacles that prevents me for running for longer periods. Every single time after couple of kilometers I am thinking, “OMG, I am old. I will die” How long I still have to go? (looks to the watch) Seriously? it’s been 9 min, ONLY? I will never make it. Why I am doing this to myself?”, but than in the end I go ahead and finish my distance anyway. You would ask me how? And my answer is simple – dedication and goal reaching and knowing my limits. When I set a goal, whatever field, I always evaluate my possibilities and weapons in order to achieve them and I try to be as realistic as possible, and also honest with myself – can I make it? Read More

Inspiration, Workout

Last 10 days has been a wild roller coaster during my business trip in Japan. When I am travelling it is really hard to maintain my physical form as well as stick to my diet. Luckily for me I was staying in a wonderful hotel at Tokyo which had a great gym with several exercise machines, so were using that to stay in shape and get adopted to the new time zone faster. (Having a good weight training or a run always helps me to get over the jet lag faster).

As a person who is quite shy than getting acquainted with a new gym, it’s equipment, courses, timings and make new friends is quite challenging for me. (Not even mentioning how strange for me is to go around a skyscraper to search for it’s gym, dressed in workout clothes. Not my preferred activity at all. Especially when my colleagues and clients are staying the same place). However I always try to not think about what others think and just concentrate on my goals and reason why I am hitting the gym. And trust me – it helps! 

As I believe that I am not the only one that has some intimidation issues with gym than will try to list some things that might make things easier also for you. (Works for me). 

Read More


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