Gym review: Exploring McFit Gym in Milan

Gym review: Exploring McFit Gym in Milan

My Saturday mornings are usually spent at my regular gym, but last Saturday’s  back and chest day was at a new place – at McFit newly opened center here in Milan. As a lady with an desire to explore and try-out myself everything before talking about the things, I was instantly ready, when my boyfriend told me that they are offering free trial day and if I feel like going to check it out.

Reaching the gym takes quite a time for me as it is quite far away from the place I live (both centers). One in north of Milan in Segnano and other in east of Milan near Porta Vittoria. As living South of Milan than without car reaching both of the places is quite difficult.

The gym itself is super new and modern, based on German gym concept – focusing on free body workout and less to courses.  (The courses are without trainers – called cyber training as all lessons are recorded and projected on the wall and outside of the room you can see the duration and name of the class and next classes therefore you can always pop in – even if you are late or wait for the next round – no worry if the trainer will now show up – because he will – he is digital). They have spinning, vibration and regular courses s everyone will find something for themselves.

Cybertraining courses

Cyber-training courses

Another benefit of the place is that with the same subscription you can go to whichever of their centers (also in other countries – Germany, Austria, Poland, Spain and Italy), so perfect for travelers (like me).

Another nice thing about them is that the zones are divided – classes, stretching, weights, machines and even sculpting (for girls) so you can work out your preferred way and with a matching music.

Some preview of me trying out TRX zone.

The weight room will be more pumping songs to make you lift heavy but in stretching or locker rooms it will be more easy and relaxing.

My weight room selfie

My weight room selfie

This selfie was before I destroyed myself with a power lifting (Chest and back training).

I really enjoyed the power lifting room and it’s motivational atmosphere (music and pictures – even with super fit girls) plus it has everything one might need, even heavy weights (up to 70 kg for serious biceps curls) and bars that starts with 20kg+. (No wonder I couldn’t lift my arms afterwards.)

Chest press with 20 kg

Chest press with 20 kg

Sorry, not the best quality pictures as usually do not take pictures at gym so the proper camera has been left at home and had to do with phone.

The only minus of the gym, for me, was locker rooms. True, they are modern and compact, but, there is a big but – there is just 3 showers and only one hair dryer (the hotel type that does not really blow dry anything and takes forever).

The one and only hair dryer

The one and only hair dryer

Of course there are power stations so you can (must) bring your own but still, pretty complicated and inconvenient..

selfie with the bad hairdryer

selfie with the bad hairdryer

Sorry! had to have the hair dryer with me in the picture, as it came out as surprise after showers, seeing this thing instead of a normal hair dryer.

Waiting and relax zone

Waiting and relax zone

This picture is from the waiting zone where you can relax, have your protein bar or shake, or even by a protein powder if have run out of one from the vending machine, before leaving the place – pretty nice touch I must say.

Either way, to sum up my McFit experience I give 4 out of 5*. Not giving one star just for the lack of showers and chaos it will make at gym “rush hours” as well as absence of hair dryers and lack of sockets (just 2 of them) and tiny lockers for the clothes. Apart that – if was closer would change my gym immediately – just loved it!

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