Calling for active women in Milan this weekend – let’s run!

Calling for active women in Milan this weekend – let’s run!

This week you can definitely feel the changes in the air, not only in temperature dropping but also with all the things happening around me and seems that with the change with the season is getting active not only sports clubs but also different events – sporty events. There was already several runs, Fluo run, The Color run (pity I had to skip it due to my Japan trip) and now there are another interesting event/run coming up in Milan this weekend that you should check it out! Unfortunately cannot participate as I am under antibiotics for this week (got unexpected medical intervention) , so I will be cheering for all the girls taking part in it (…aaand silently envying them), as it looks it will be some great event!

Women Night Run (Senza Paura* (IT – without fear ) organized by Corriere Della Sera magazine – Il Tempo Delle Donnewhich offers all the ladies to go for a night run!



Women Night Run – 2nd October, Milan

A wonderful experience all ladies coming/living in Milan taking part in a night run (just 5 km) and to embrace the power of running at dark hours in your city and feel safe doing it. So sign it up and don’t miss it! Here is the link to sign up (unfortunately all in Italian, but if need help – feel free to reach out). Women Night Run Subscription online form. The participation costs 10 eur, kids 5 eur to get the race pack. 

I do support this wonderful movement as I know how unpleasant is to run in a ark hours, especially if not living in downtown and do not have a running buddy that can drag out in 6am in the morning to run with you. So this is a great innitiative i greatly support and would definitely take part in it next one organized by il Tempo delle Donne or Corriere magazine.


Stay active, go running and I will meanwhile try to get back on track as well.



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