How to use hotel’s gym equipment for a killer workout

How to use hotel’s gym equipment for a killer workout

We all know that hotel gym’s usually does not really offer much possibilities for an efficient workout and that could substitute a proper gym, usually offering just a treadmill, a mat and maybe a bike and couple of weights if you are lucky, so you have to be pretty creative to get a proper workout done. Luckily for me, Novotel West Hammersmith London had more to offer and made my staying last week there way easier. 

The gym itself is not big but offers quite a space and some basic machines: like treadmill, elliptical, rowing and bicycles and in addition multi function weight training machine, fitness ball, step, bench, mats, and dumbbells. Basically basic things to ensure you a good training. 

multi function weight training machine

Novotel West multi Functional Weight Training Machine

As I was all the week away I knew I have to find a time to work out despite on my tough schedule therefore for 2 mornings at 6am I was hitting the gym before heading to meetings as there were no space for a workout at evening due to a tough schedule.

Inspecting the gym and the offered equipment I decided to dedicated one day for arms and back weight training using dumbbells and second day for a total body HIIT training with free body weight, step, bench and some weights as well (finishing up with killer burpees) to stay in shape and have a complete body blast.

For a different training routines (HIIT, arms, back, legs, running etc.) you can find under Workout section for an inspiration. 


Post arm workout selfie

My post-arm selfie



As a rule, already, when I travel I always tend to explore the fitness possibilities in hotel beforehand so I can take my workout clothes with me accordingly as well as equipment, just in case there is no facilities and have workout in a room. (What’s for me, my motto goes: No gym – no problem! )

Overall I recommend this hotel if just need quick fix and stay in shape as it offers basic things that can be used efficiently in a overall body training or a proper cardio training. However if aiming for heavy weights and lifting properly – I suggest to go down to the near Virgin Active health club. So no excuses not working out!


What’s your travel workout routine?


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