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Recipe: Hommade , healthy snack – muesli-protein bars

Recipe: Hommade , healthy snack – muesli-protein bars

The ones who are following me on Instagram already knows that last Friday  I made a healthy snack – Muesli-power bars! Must tell you it was easy, fun and super delicious! so I thought maybe someone of you would love to try this at home as well!

Here it goes:
250g of Oat flakes (better if not processed)
4 egg whites
1 egg
100g differetn nuts (or 1 type, as you prefer)
100g raisins
100g apriocots
100g prunes
100g dried papaya/mango/berries/etc. your choice. i put Mango+apple+pears
1 orange
2 scoops of protein (can also use a cottage cheese)
NOTE to chocolate lovers – you can also use 100g of Dark chocolate. As I am not really fan of chocolate, than I skipped this part. but you can definitely make variations with dark or even White one.


1. take out all you need! 🙂

2. Parch (roast lightly) the oat flakes on a frying pan till they get brownish-golden. when ready leave it to cool down.
* IF choose to add also choclate! melt it in a hot water “bath”

3. lightly beat together 3 egg whites and 1 egg

4. LETS CUT all the fruits and dried fruits and mix them together

use it with all peel to get stronger flavor. tasts really good.

5. add 2 scoops of protein (or use cottage cheese – choose light one )

6. Mix everything good together (adding a pinch of cinnamon. orange + cinnamon is my MUST combination Always. BTW, Cinnamon is a great antioxidant so add it! )

7. put it on the pan and make it even and press it good an put it in approx. 150°C in an owen and bake it till it is ready. (doesn’t take too long though, just check when it is getting harder).

8. and voilà! it’s ready! take it out! cut them into pieces and you have a ready, healthy snack to take with you to work, after-workout/gym snack, picknick or just replace your cookies for your afternoon tea with these babies! 🙂
and now a BONUS to this recipe: the nutritional facts:
Kcal: 262
Fat: 9g
Carbohydrate: 34g
Protein: 12g

and HERE is a nice comparison to another – fruit bar (this was more or less similar in ingrediants with the one I made it). compare for yourself 🙂

so let’s start cookin’ guys! ^_^

p.s. sorry for picture quality but my camera’s battery was down so used my phone 🙁


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  1. […] *Not snacking afterwards. Yes, that’s correct – snacking. This is actually one of the times you are allowed and must have a snack after your workout. You should get in something sweet raise your sugar level and allow body to regain it’s strength (repair muscles) after putting it all out. The best mix is a protein and carbs. Like Greek yogurt and some berries or dried fruits or juice. (even smoothy would do. )I always go for a banana and a protein shake or a homemade protein bar. (See recipe here) […]


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