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In a days like these, when it’s raining cats and dogs all I want to do is to stay in and crawl up on a couch with a hot cup of good tea and read some good book. As I am not on holiday, but on a business trip in Tokyo with one hell of a full agenda than it is not possible. Therefore I have not left choice but to be super active, energized and loaded to manage to make the best out of my trip and overcome the jet lag and be efficient and productive and the best medicine for adopting to the new rhythm is a workout to get you going.

Tip number 1 – You should always check out your destinations fitness center/ gym possibilities in hotel or near distance”.

Luckily for me I am staying in this wonderful, luxury hotel at the heart of Shibuya – Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel. It offers a wonderful facilities and one of them is (quite) fully equipped fitness center, such as: Treadmills × 5, Exercise bikes × 6, Smith machine, weights, leg extension, and more, to ensure you a possibility to maintain your fitness level like a pro.  Read More

You don’t have to be a champion to become a champion! this was the a motivational picture I got after finishing my N+TC workout yesterday morning before heading to my first business meeting her in Stockholm. It’s been a while since I could work out due to my dental intervention and frequent traveling lately, so this kind of motivational picture, popping up on my screen after a good workout, was exactly what I needed to start my day good and encourage to get back on track (and stay on it – as I will be travelling a lot upcoming months as well) with my workouts and training routines. 

However, travels are not excuse to not work out. Yes, it is more challenging, as you have to make an extra effort to find strength and motivation to work out after/before a long day of traveling and meetings but once you have squeezed in a workout in your schedule, even a short one, it is definitely worth it. I am completely honest when I say that I have never ever regretted waking up 1 h earlier before to have a 20, 30 or 45 min workout session before starting my day. It’s not because I wouldn’t love to sleep! No, no! But love for my body and workout benefits it’s grater than desire to sleep in, so I just get myself up and do a quick workout session that will energize me for the rest of the day. 

Usually I work out at my hotel room and having a HIIT or body weight circuit sessions as the hotel gyms are pretty useless anyway, if there are any, as it is pretty convenient and time saving. Also yesterday morning was the case and worked out using only body weight and my limited space in my hotel room.

Trust me, it is all that you actually need to keep active while on road as even a short training can be really effective to maintain the fitness level and stay fit on the road.  Read More


Workout Wednesday is here and also my last day of holiday is here. As today I am travelling all day than will miss out my Wednesday workout but will take my time, in plane and airport, to review my new workout and adopt it to my next month travelling schedule. Also it is a good time to update my workout playlist to get best out of my training: to push harder, resist lon [ger and strive for progress and without a good and pumping workout playlist I just cannot imagine my workout. So here is my summers workout playlist that might inspire you too.

Workout playlist – full of lifting and power songs:

1.  Tinie Tempah ( feat.2 Chainz) – Trampoline 
2.  X Ambassadors – Jungle 
3. Skrillex  &  Diplo (feat. Kiesza) – Take Ü there 
4. Juicy J feat. Big Sean and Young

5. Jerry (Explicit Version) – Show Out
6. Calvin Harris feat. Big Sean – Open Wide
7. DMX – X Gon’ Give It To Ya 
8. Lil Jon feat. Tyga  – Bend Ova
9. Andy C (Extended Version) – Heartbeat Loud
10. Skrillex (feat. Sirah) – Bangarang 
11. Iggy Azalea – Iggy SZN 
12. Major Lazer (feat. Bruno) – Bubble Butt 
13. Noise Mac feat. Selecta – Dub Step Kill Dem 
14. The Cataract feat. Sky Blu – Alcohol 
15. Lil Wayne feat. Big Sean – My Homies Still
16. Kanye West – Bound 2 (cool down song)


What’s your favourite work out song?


Every time I am traveling my choice for airport reading falls to Women’s Health magazine UK as it is full of interesting things, workouts, tips and confessions – not only entertaining but also educational. Especially I love to see the workouts by star trainers and fitness experts as always find something exciting and new to try out or include in my gym routine to spice it up a little. This time was not an exception as decided to challenge myself by doing their September issue workout by star trainer Dan Roberts

As a person who loves to experiment, improve and throw challenges to myself  than I was immediately intrigued and where determined that must test immediately this world famous trainer method: Mindfulness together with martial-arts Hiit

Mostly I was curious to see if this workout actually does something, like makes me feel my muscles ache the day after. Let me already anticipate you – it does. OMG, it does. The day after was bad, especially for my groin muscles where destroyed by doing 100 knee strikes per leg (1st exercise), as this is a muscle that is trained really rarely or superficially, well at least my case.  Read More

  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party
  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party
  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party
  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party
  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party
  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party

How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party

Every bachelorette party is different, some is calm, some is wild, some involves naughty tasks and games, but some has full of surprises – like a boot camp in a middle of forest as part of a list of tasks and exercises to complete to become a proper wife. This is what exactly happened one of my best friends bachelorette party last week in Latvia, where each of girls had to be responsible for an activity or two and as I am the sporty one – I had to lead the wake up warm up as well as warm up before the boot camp/ survivor in a forest for a team building.

As we all know before every activity one should properly warm up, even before unknown ones – like a challenging team building/boot camp in a forest. As a professional – military guy was asked to organized the activity than even I had no clue about it, so did my best to prepare girls for every kind of challenge and avoid injuries. Read More

Inspiration, Me & My Beau
  • Busy as a bee August visual board
  • Busy as a bee August visual board
  • Busy as a bee August visual board
  • Busy as a bee August visual board

Busy as a bee August visual board

It’s another Monday, but unlike other Milan Monday’s this one started with a heavy thunderstorms that cooled down the hot streets of the city. Much needed especially during this hot summer. I believe this is all time hottest summer I have ever had and not only because of the heat but also because it’s been so fast, so full, so vivid that days are just flying by. Sometimes I wish I could have 30 hours a day and 8 days a week (which there would be one more extra day at weekend to manage to do everything I have in my mind, but unfortunately or luckily it is not like that so all left to do is to prioritize and do my best to manage everything.) However we are yet in first half of the moment and there are still time to manage to do, see and experience things and add some nice memories to Summer 2015 list.

My second part of August seems pretty tough as well, because will be travelling every week starting this week till October, so all the writing, dieting, working out and blogging will be from the road. BUT determined to manage all and even make improvements because I know I can and will. So here comes my monthly visual board based on talented illustrator Kerrie Hess monthly calendar. (without that planning would be much more difficult).  Read More


3o day challenge of splits by Blogilates are officially over so it is time to make a review of how the second half went to a complete newbie in yoga/pilates – me!

To be completely honest with you ( and myself), that I must admit that while my vacation in Latvia I was able to do just 2 days of stretching instead of remaining 6 – not because I did not want, but physically I had so full agenda, that I arrived home every day at midnight completely overwhelmed and exhausted that were no good to do a proper stretching. Therefore this check in will be only for the progress I made, as I decided to add extra 2 weeks to complete and follow the Cassey guide till the end to see where I can arrive at standing split.

So far I have been seeing quite a progress in my flexibility as been doing my stretches every day religiously so can admit  it’s definitely working! Below is my photo check in how the rest of the days went.  Read More

Inspiration, Workout

Buongiorno Milano! I am back from my one week (seems-like-one-month) getaway to Latvia and ready to get back on track with my training and clean eating lifestyle. Also I expect this to be an exciting week as well as going to switch up my gym workout schedule for a new one and implement some new exercises and techniques to give some extra boost to my progress and of course also to lose that extra kilos taken from all the barbecues, gatherings, wedding and lack of exercises(hit the gym just twice, BUT did it properly with my friend Martins and fitness mentor. Here is a sneak-a-peak from our Leg day – did not walk the next 2 days properly).

Recently I have been asked what I am doing to switch up my workout/ exercise routines to stay motivated and the answer is simple – variation and not letting yourself to get too comfortable. I constantly try to challenge myself to push harder, if the weights getting “lighter” I am adding some extra kilos therefore constantly trying to beat my own best and not letting those muscles get too comfortable. Read More


it’s been just 4th day of my vacations but already seems that I have been here for 2 weeks as so many things has been done already – Bachelorette party, home warming parties, sightseeing, baby seeing, friend gatherings and so many more things, like workout and being trained by TeamFisher. Must say got some issues with stairs and hair combing the next day but you know what they say – better sore than sorry. I am totally not sorry, just sore.


Usually when I go to gym I like to train alone to concentrate better but time to time it’s important that someone couch you and push you harder and and check your performance and I had a perfection occasion to improve my performance by training with professional athletes – with TeamFisher.

The video is a little preview – how my leg day goes. These are some suggestions what girls can do for legs to build definition of for legs and butt. No! you will not become muscular like a body builder if you lift weights – not happening! Look at me, if you don’t believe me. I lift heavy weights for 2 years already and still not getting bulky – just seeing some better shapes – that’s all. SO don’t be afraid to touch the weights at gym and ask for an advice to a professional trainer.

My video leg day routine goes like this:

warm up for legs.

4 sets of 15 repetitions for all exercises with 1min pause in between. (weight per choice or possibilities. If you are a beginner – start with lower weights and increase over time)

  • Squat
  • Leg press
  • Walking lunges with weights
  • Stiff legged deadlift with barbell
  • Lying leg curls
  • Seated Leg curl


Some of the exercises are in my weekly schedule as I am working for that butt lifting and having nice legs).

What About you? What’s your target to improve in your body??

P.S. The T-shirt is appropriate as it was a Monday workout.



Labrīt! This means Good Morning in Latvian! Greetings from my week off from Milan’s heat. As each of my Latvia’s trip it’s always planned and organized till last minute, BUT that doesn’t mean that I have forgot about my training schedule and clean eating. And so shouldn’t you! Just because it is vacations doesn’t mean you can let yourself go completely and forget about your fitness objectives and ruin all your progress with screw-everything-I-want-to-eat-everything! and let’s-work-out-when-I-am-back-home kind of attitude! Sure it’s ok time to time not be hard on yourself and let you enjoy some sweets, traditional-typical food and skip some workout. That’s all fine and understandable – that’s why the vacations are for – to enjoy them and rest your body and soul. The same is for me, but with some limitations – I do enjoy some traditional food and some dessert and time to time skip workout but still keep my eyes on my goals and fitness objectives and not lose all progress, as starting from beginning is always harder than maintaining your progress. After all it’s all about balance and knowing what you want for the moment and what’s your long term goals. Read More


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