An efficient booty lifting exercises you must try

An efficient booty lifting exercises you must try

We all know that in order to shape up booty we must exercise (and diet), but to get the best results (for ladies) the biggest emphases should always be but on weight/ strength training especially on lower body parts : legs and butt. As today is a Workout Wednesday than I would like to share some of my routine at gym for efficient booty lifting exercises I have been doing, and I must say have improved quite a lot. (Hello tight dresses).

The first thing is to not be afraid of lifting weights or trying some machines when you are at the gym because that is where you can really make some notable changes by lifting weights (and NO, you will not become bulky or a bodybuilder, especially women – it just not happen!) . Of course if you are a complete newbie you should ask someone to show you a round. better if it is a trainer (not a random, good looking guy that seems to be knowing what he is doing. Might turn out he is clueless and just comes to gym to pick up girls.. so bet on the safe side and search for a professional trainer). 

Here are a simple training plan you can do at gym when you have a leg/butt day.

Nr. Exercise Sets Repetitions
1. Bent over dumbbell row 5 10,8,6,6,6
2. leg press 3 10,10,10
3. Bridge lying on the floor (with or without weight) 3 20,20,20
4. Donkey kicks 3 20,20,20
5. Hypertension (with or without weight) 3 20,20,20

Here is also with pictures for an easier reference and performance.

booty training program for gym

Booty lifting exercises for gym


I usually start slow, especially when have been skipping for some time with training and than increase the weight to constantly challenge myself. For Leg press I have arrived till pushing more than my on body weight, but it takes time and persistence, but the results are there – at the end of the tunnel of consistency, hard work and not giving up.

So let’s work that booty and get shapin’ for the summer!


What do you do in gym? What is your booty shaping plan?


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