Workout: The color run in pictures

Workout: The color run in pictures

It’s been a while since I participated in The Color Run here in Milan, but the feelings are still fresh and so are the pictures!

Before the race
And I feel like I have to share them with the world as it was a great experience!
My number
My super excited face after getting my number before the race.
Little Color Runner
Oh this was so nice to see all families with little kids participating! such a nice family experience!
As there is no time limit than everyone was able to take part in the race and share the fun.
Color runners getting ready for the start
Go-Pro-fairy-godmother also was there
My happy face

It was a thrill! after finishing the race you are dirty and sticky but positive emotions takes over!

Stretching is a key
the last – yellow post

Weirdest part of all that I was the only person actually running all 5 km from beginning till end.. at least from the ones around me.  it was weird seeing all the crouds just walking, chatting but nevertheless there were no single person of all 10 000 participants that wouldn’t enjoy this sunny, funny afternoon!

Yellow color attack in slow motion
This was such an coincidence that was caught on slow motion – me getting attacked by “yellow color man on roller blades” while making different slow motion video. Although the outcome was pretty fun.
This was a great fun and I can’t wait to participate again in next one! hope won’t have to wait another year to get colorful again!


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