How to start a new challenge and actually achieve the goal

How to start a new challenge and actually achieve the goal

One week around of my challenge of my intensive training program and the feelings are exactly as they were on Friday – sore! Really, truly, sore. Just this time adding sore legs and booty (gosh, I have been missing out on training and now my body is making me suffer for that), topping to already feeling in pain I am also feeling destroyed, sleepy and honestly pretty deluded as this morning weight-in did not see any change on my weights.

However I said to myself: you can be sorry for yourself or you can do something about it to change it and learn the lesson out of it. And this is what I did!

So I was wondering what are the points that makes achievable any challenge, whatever it is and I came up with a list how to achieve the goals.

Isnpiration to reach your goals

1. Set a clear goal

First thing to do is to find and visualize your goal. Either it is a bikini body, getting in a dress for a prom/gala/ wedding, loose a muffin top or get toned booty – the power of clear goal is the thing that will make you push harder and insist on your challenge when the things gets rough.

2. Work out a REALISTIC and ACHIEVABLE plan

As every goal it is important to design a plan and strategy behind it, wishing will not be enough to get you in that skinny jeans.. So take a time and think what is that you need to do to work out your plan. That includes timing. Be honest, how much time you have and how much you can devote to achieve your goal and stay consistent to it. 

If you work long hours, have after work social life and some classes and any other obligations, do not think that will reach your fitness goal if will not be able to make a consistent training plan and actually stick to it.  Obviously that does not mean you have to sacrifice and turn around completely your life, but it does mean you have to make adjustments if you want these changes to happen. (Maybe say no to some social gatherings, or just set your clock 1 hour earlier in the morning and attend a spinning class).


3.  Keep a training/dieting book or diary to track your progress

 This also an important to have a diary or plan to mark your progress. 

The good part of keeping a track of your progress is that you will be able to look up and see if or where something has gone wrong. e.g. Like do not see any changes on your weight and wondering why. So just need to look up the previous weeks meals and training and find out and fix the errors for the week ahead. The same is importance is to track the weights and repetitions used in your workout in order to push harder and consistently challenge yourself.

I have designed my own plan that I printed out and put on the wall to cross out the days. (Here is also a free downloadable template to empty one so you can use it for your challenges). 

4 weeks workout calendar

My 4 weeks workout calendar to track progress

4. Ask for a help

Don’t be afraid to ask for a help! We are all humans and asking help does not mean a sign of weakness. I am lucky as I have friends and boyfriend who are personal trainers so I have them to help me out + self education (the web is full of great trainers and programs, just make sure you choose the right ones and professional ones).

Tip, check out Kayla Itsines and her training guides (ebook and app) they offer wonderful program that are specially designed by a girl to girls and are taking over the world. (can even join their communities to find likewise minded girls).

Another great one application is Nike Training Club – NRC that are full of professional workout programs designed by world’s best athletes. (Use myself when want to switch up some things). 

If you have already a great training plan maybe you just need to adjust your diet – so why not find some good nutritionist that would design a plan just for you?

4. Stay consistent

The most important thing is to stay consistent. Whatever it is  diet or training program, it’s important to stick to it even if you do not see results immediately , but let me tell you from my (hard and unpleasant) experience that you will not! Definitely will not see results immediately!

Results takes time, consistency, hard work and patience. 

Nike workout inspiration

Work for your goals by Nike

Results takes time. First will come after 4 weeks that only you will notice, 6 weeks and your closest people will start seeing changes and in 12 weeks the world will follow up! So stay consistent and don’t give up.

5. Surround yourself with like minded people

Surrounding yourself with people that supports your goal or have the same one is a lot easier than when you have to struggle alone. (Check out Kaylas Itsines army – aka support group). 

6. Get the right equipment

An great asset to every workout is the right equipment and even better when it is something nice, colorful and inspiring. (Another method to motivate you to workout). I like to have a colorful workout clothes so I feel confident and actually like to put them on at gym. If the plan is dieting – get a nice set of cutlery and dishes and will be enjoying your meals way more.

7. Set milestones and reward yourself

My milestones are end of 4 weeks, as having 12 weeks challenge. When you set some milestones it is easier to look after a goal and stick to it rather than wait till the end. And remember – it is nothing bad to reward yourself, in contrary – you should pay yourself on sholder, get yourself a nice beauty treatment or some nice, new outfit. After all – you deserve it for all the hard work you have been investing. 

Don’t forget at the end of the challenge really treat yourself, revert and reflect your challenge and the road to it!

It’s important to reflect your path and road to the goal to set another one, learn from the mistakes and grow.



p.s. Week 2. Day  8. Check in.

Today in weight-in I saw no changes in my weight, so was pretty upset, but I went through my meals and training last week and noted some errors (like a Saturday dinner with friends with way too much on my plate) and a skipped cardio training yesterday ( physically couldn’t walk too good after Saturday’s leg training and that made running impossible). BUT head is still up and the road is long. So going to work hard this week and I am sure next week’s check-in will be better!


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