Journey to splits challenge – second photo check in

Journey to splits challenge – second photo check in

3o day challenge of splits by Blogilates are officially over so it is time to make a review of how the second half went to a complete newbie in yoga/pilates – me!

To be completely honest with you ( and myself), that I must admit that while my vacation in Latvia I was able to do just 2 days of stretching instead of remaining 6 – not because I did not want, but physically I had so full agenda, that I arrived home every day at midnight completely overwhelmed and exhausted that were no good to do a proper stretching. Therefore this check in will be only for the progress I made, as I decided to add extra 2 weeks to complete and follow the Cassey guide till the end to see where I can arrive at standing split.

So far I have been seeing quite a progress in my flexibility as been doing my stretches every day religiously so can admit  it’s definitely working! Below is my photo check in how the rest of the days went. 

To make a better idea how was the poses -see the first part of the challenge here.

Week 3 – moves 16 – 23rd.

16 - 23rd stretching pose

16 – 23rd stretching pose

Still wearing the same clothes to make consistency to the pictures, only hairdo is changing.

4th week – stretching moves 24- 29.

last week of challenges doing poses 24-29

last week of challenges doing poses 24-29

As I did not manage to do the stretches in last 5 days properly than last pose is still missing – the complete split (attempt) as so far I have tried and this was my best result,still a lot better as when I started therefore proud for that! However planning to re-post after I finish the challenge with myself properly.

During this challenge I once more made sure that consistency and persistence is the key to success. You must do over and over again to improve, learn and get better and no results can be achieved over a night in whichever field. I learned also that stretching is fundamental to a better performance in different sports and workout and has a lot of benefits too – like easing muscle soreness. So keep one stretching, being active and stay tuned!

Did you do your splits? how it went? Standing split ready? 

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