Monday motivation – no excuses (even on holiday)

Monday motivation – no excuses (even on holiday)

Labrīt! This means Good Morning in Latvian! Greetings from my week off from Milan’s heat. As each of my Latvia’s trip it’s always planned and organized till last minute, BUT that doesn’t mean that I have forgot about my training schedule and clean eating. And so shouldn’t you! Just because it is vacations doesn’t mean you can let yourself go completely and forget about your fitness objectives and ruin all your progress with screw-everything-I-want-to-eat-everything! and let’s-work-out-when-I-am-back-home kind of attitude! Sure it’s ok time to time not be hard on yourself and let you enjoy some sweets, traditional-typical food and skip some workout. That’s all fine and understandable – that’s why the vacations are for – to enjoy them and rest your body and soul. The same is for me, but with some limitations – I do enjoy some traditional food and some dessert and time to time skip workout but still keep my eyes on my goals and fitness objectives and not lose all progress, as starting from beginning is always harder than maintaining your progress. After all it’s all about balance and knowing what you want for the moment and what’s your long term goals.

My vacation started on Saturday and immediately got carried away with some childhood favorite sweets and traditional Latvian dishes, which my friends and family had prepared for marking the occasion of meeting. And I simply couldn’t and didn’t want to stay no to, but to balance it out yesterday went back on clean eating and went working out with Team Fisher member who happens to be one of my closest childhoods friends.  (As he is huge fan of Body building and already participated in several competitions himself than training with him is always great fun and great pain next day).

Post workout smiles after Team Fisher training

Post workout smiles after Team Fisher training

As I always say – it’s all about balance, self motivation and discipline, because no results can be achieved without that. So here is some extra motivation to keep you motivated! (Works for me and hope same for you and your vacations).

Don't let your progress gets ruined by weekends, holidays nor vacations

Don’t let your progress gets ruined by weekends, holidays nor vacations

Some bad choices, one after another will ruin all your progress. Give yourself to chance to have the cookie, but don’t eat all the jar.

Do it for yourself

Do it for yourself

Do it for yourself; to make you proud, to make you satisfied, to make you walk with a head held up high and be confident about yourself and your body.

Love your body

Love your body

If fitness and clean eating lifestyle has taught me that it is confidence and loving my body the way it is and training and eating to improve it and not to starve and exercise as punishment of the body I have. The moment you accept that and start making changes because you love your body and want the best for it the sooner you will start seeing results and will be lot more happier!

Happy Monday! Stay tuned and motivated!



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