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Did you know that peanut butter is classified as a superfood? Actually funny how good peanuts are for you your body and not only to satisfy your sweet tooth. It has a significant role in a daily nutrition and part of many athlete diet, also mine as it contains all those good fats and protein. The amino acids present in them are good for proper growth and development of body. They lower bad cholesterol and are great as antioxidants, and that’s not it, it has many other good impacts to your health and body. To know more about peanut amazing benefits, all 29, you can find here.

As a conscious consumer I always check the labels and hidden sugars in my food I discovered how much added carbs and sugars are in processed spreads than I decided to make my own peanut butter. It is fast, easy and result is absolutely delicious. Here is how. Read More

Fit food & Drinks
I know it has been time since I last time wrote here, but I am back and re-loaded and some nice recipe to share: an Orange muesli (power) bars.
Last couple of Sunday’s I have been trying to spoil people around me with something sweet 🙂 this time took some pictures of my favorite healthy snack recipe. Must try this – it will be appreciated by everyone who wants to please their sweet tooth and eat healthy at the same time.
Fit food & Drinks
It’s been a while since I had been posting my food experiments, but that does not mean that I was making them – in contrary, I have been more active than ever mixing, matching, adding and experimenting.
One of my easiest, fastest preparing discovery of all time was an Egg&Mushroom frittata healthy snack which can be easily brought to work with you as it is divided by single muffin molds. Clever, huh? Read More
Fit food & Drinks
Easter is finished and this working week is almost done as well (here in Italy we have a national holiday on Friday), so woo-hoo another long weekend 🙂
Apart from typical egg coloring, egg fights, swinging to avoid those annoying mosquito attacks this summer and Easter lunch with my friends I also made some slightly alternative cookies as well. cookies made from white beans and coco. super fast, easy and tasty.
Fit food & Drinks
 As Sunday is my only free day of the week I try to do the things that makes me happy, like experimenting with healthy food recipes and travel. where I went this Sunday will write about in my next post:) but now will share my awesome, new healthy snack recipe: Coconut Berry Whieties.( Actually whities is not a real word, but if there is a brownie, why there cannot be a whitie ?
Fit food & Drinks
Remember the No-Junk-Food Challenge?
well, I am sticking to it! so in order to substitute a delicious cone of gelato (which is pretty difficult to do while living in Italy – the paradise of gelato. and what makes matters worse – its been really hot. so resisting some ice cold, sweet temptation is even harder..)
So to stick to my initial challenge I found this awesome snack recipe of grapes and Greek yogurt.

Read More

Fit food & Drinks
Guess who’s is back and reloaded?! 🙂 some of you may know my reasons of being absent (check my Instagram for photo-evidence), but just to justify myself and put it on the writting than I had a perfectly valid reasons to not update my blog:
a) i had to move, b) i had no electricity at my new place for a week, c) i had tendinitis in my right arm-wrist so couldn’t do anything for 10 days d) afterwards  i left for holiday for 2 weeks!
BUT i am back now and full with energy and inspiration to eat healthy, be fit and keep enjoying life on full swings! 🙂 so stay tuned!
The first thing i will do: i will share a recipe for a BLUEBERRY MOUSSE I made while on holiday’s at Latvia.
Every Latvian knows this heavenly, delicious sweet that grandmas used to make for them! no wonder it is called a Sky Semolina – (Debesmanna). it’s usually a pink colour and reminds of clouds in a sunset ^_^ however I decided to change a little bit the traditional recipe and make it purple – with blueberries! so here is how I did it!


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