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Healthy breakfast idea – overnight oats with chia seeds

Healthy breakfast idea – overnight oats with chia seeds

When you get tired of a (forced by doctor) diet it’s time to get crafty to find a compromise of swapping the traditional morning eggs and Wasa bread for something sweeter – like overnight oats.

Been more than a month that I am allowed just to stick to some selected things and boy I miss my overnight oats and morning oats and some granola and some pancakes with home made fresh strawberry jam..mmm, and some orange juice and fruits…mmm fruits – I miss fruits. sweet temptations. BUT, sticking to my diet and being good, but yesterday had enough and said will try to find a compromise and make my overnight oats this time giving some twist to them – adding some soy milk and chia seeds.

Result was absolutely nice, (super sweet as been skipping everything sweet for so long time that even soy milk was 10 x sweeter than usual) but truly delicious. No official picture, as was too early to get all snappy and everything, but the result is the same as in pictures – good look and yummy.

Here is my ingredients for you to try yourself.How to make your own overnight oats with chia seeds

In a bowl or a mason jar, combine soy milk, oats, chia seeds and some sprinkles of shredded coconut. Stir well and cover with plastic wrap or a lid. Refrigerate overnight. (or for bigger chia seeds – refrigerate for 24h).

overnight oats with chia seeds recipe |

Overnight oats with chia seeds. photo credit –

Check out Kate’s Creamy Cashew Overnight oats  recipe  as well. I am sure I will give a try myself as soon as back on track in my regular eating.

coconut chia pudding recipe

Coconut chia pudding with orange passion fruit granita by Artful Desperado

For some additional chia seeds recipes I am planning to explore the pudding option and I believe the one from Arful Desperado looks pretty irresistible to me.

And remember Chia seeds are super-food! Delicious and great addition to desserts. Some more information about them check out Cooking Detective’s – 17 Benefits of Chia seeds.

Have a delicious Friday and weekend, guys!



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