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Every country has it’s own eating culture and Italy is definitely leading the list of the most exquisite, various and delicious cousins in the World. As I have been living in this food mecca more than 5 years already of course I have also picked up some Italian recipes, eating habits and tips that I use and incorporate in my everyday diet and dishes to make them more various, interesting and alternative. 

One of my all time favorite snack is friselle. Which is a a kind of durum wheat bread that is a specialty of Southern Italy, in particular the Puglia region.  They have the form of donuts, they are salty and are usually accompanied by tomatoes and eaten with some oil on them to soften them.

The recipe is really simple:

Friselle with tomato and basil

Friselle with tomato and basil


Instructions: Take friselle soak them in a water for couple of seconds. (I usually put them under a running water as it is potable) than put on plate and add fresh tomatoes cut in cubes, some fresh basil*  and some olive oil to soften them.

Ready to be served. 

Friselle - a Specialty from South of Italy

Friselle – a Specialty from South of Italy



  • In order not to make it to fall apart it must be enjoyed immediately as will not be able to hold it anymore.
  • I am growing basil on my balcony – perfect for so many dishes, especially Italian cuisine. Really easy plant to grow and take care of and doesn’t ask much attention. just watering regularly.)

This is my one of favorite Italian snacks that is fast to make, healthy and perfect between meals that I enjoy occasionally on Cheat days (usually Sundays once in while). 


What is your traditional, easy snack you love? 


Fit food & Drinks

On a sunny autumn Friday asks for a something sweet and cuddly to satisfy sweet tooth so why not make a nice bowl of a strawberry nice cream to make a reunion with my old friend even more special?

Last night arrived to Guernsey (Channel islands) where she and her family is living to celebrate her kids 1st birthday (and as a good aunty couldn’t miss this important day) and spend some time together and just chat up after a week of terror, stress and meeting after meeting in fair in London. Definitely needed to wind down and this place seems to be the right one for that but about about that – later on, first – let’s have a nice healthy snack to get some vitamins and energy to confront it. Read More

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We all know that eating greens are good for us! Especially broccoli which is super veggie and even included in World’s Healthiest food list and full of vitamins and low on calories. However as not many people are not fans of them than sometimes we overlook this green fellow and do not include in our shopping list, me included! But i decided to change that and start eating it more often but only if I find some interesting healthy recipe. (As you might have noticed – I do love to try out my hand on different, healthy recipes).  

So far I have tried my hand in baked Broccoli tots recipe that I came across in Pintrest by talented Layla from Gimme Delicious and decided to give a try after checking out her recipe and this is what I came up to with a slight modifications. Read More

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Going bananas for bananas! This statement is so true about me (almost like Minions). Add peanut butter to bananas and you have captured my heart. Not because it is extremely good to you but also because this combination is a perfect snack to incorporate in your diet and to loose weight.

On my workout days I am always having a half or baby-banana (bananito) with a 1 1/2 teaspoon of a peanut butter (home made. So easy to make so check out the recipe here).

The great thing about banana is Read More

Fit food & Drinks

And another work week is almost done and weekend is about to start. So excited looking for that because it is finally sunny and that means that this weekend will hopefully open the tanning season- woot, woot! also it has been 5 days since my challenge with myself, so still determined to keep going and sticking to my plan and lose those 3,5kg in 31day!

To stay away from bad snacks especially before bedtime, I have come across to wonderful suggestions tat actually works and will keep you away from snacking!

Here is the list: Read More

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Last week has been difficult for me to remain on track with my workout and diet as went to Germany for a business trip for 4 days, and always when travelling eating right is one of the hardest tasks to full fill especially when you have limited food options and are obliged to eat out. For me it has been always an extra hard task to do to watch out to those calories and find the right food and combinations to stick as close to possible to my eating schedule or to close as to daily caloric intake as possible.

Last trip has been extra hard for me as had days when I knew I am not going to see anything healthy for whole day (indeed, had offered just pizza for lunch) which was dreadful so I just did not touch it. To make matters worse I got to the dinner only at 20:00, luckily for me I had predicted something similar to happen so had an apple and a power bar with me to resist the day. Read More

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Happy Friday everyone! Today is my last day at Germany (Cologne-Dusseldorf) and ready to return back to Milan.

Sometimes Friday arrives with so much fatigue and tiredness that all you want to do is to stay in, watch some good movie and relax and when there is a movie there is a automatic need for a snack too.. to avoid eating all those chips and candies I came up with a lovely alternative – vegetable chips – zucchini and radish. Easy and fast and no bad fats nor bad calories but will definitely make you lick your fingers!

here comes the recipe: Read More

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  • How to avoid snacking or Food cravings explained
  • How to avoid snacking or Food cravings explained

How to avoid snacking or Food cravings explained

We all have our preferences and we all have some kind of food that is harder to resist than other. Some has mom’s homemade apple pie, somebody a milk chocolate and somebody cupcakes with a chocolate icing. Some people, like me, has just general food cravings and mostly when we are bored our hands are reaching out to take some sweet or candy which is in our sight. Sometimes we just want something salty – like potato crisps or something oily – why it is so and do we really know what we need?
I set up this simple chart explaining what we crave  and what actually our body needs. This chart has changed my mindset completely and must add that it works splendidly – give it a try and will be avoiding that cupcakes and crisps in no time. Read More

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It’s been a while since I had been posting my food experiments, but that does not mean that I was making them – in contrary, I have been more active than ever mixing, matching, adding and experimenting.
One of my easiest, fastest preparing discovery of all time was an Egg&Mushroom frittata healthy snack which can be easily brought to work with you as it is divided by single muffin molds. Clever, huh? Read More
Fit food & Drinks
Remember the No-Junk-Food Challenge?
well, I am sticking to it! so in order to substitute a delicious cone of gelato (which is pretty difficult to do while living in Italy – the paradise of gelato. and what makes matters worse – its been really hot. so resisting some ice cold, sweet temptation is even harder..)
So to stick to my initial challenge I found this awesome snack recipe of grapes and Greek yogurt.

Read More


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