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Starting new year with a bang and a plan is something I have done and I believe  – you should too! Why, you will ask me, well the thing about the BANG is that it is loud, it is clear and it cannot be mistaken nor ignored! Even better – it will be noticed and remembered! Whatever it is you plan to achieve this year – do it, announce it with a BANG! Not because you should show off! no! No! But to step on the Start line and have a no way back, no backing out but just to do it! 

My Bang is starting a hard core, no-excuse workout and diet plan like I never did before in my life without giving up, no stopping or stepping down and no hold backs no matter how tough the life will become !

I am determined to make this the fittest year ever!

Starting my 12 week diet/workout challenge to lose body fat, keep a track (see the workout schedule and template – HERE). and tone the muscles to be in a perfect shape for Fitness fair in spring and who knows, maybe even manage to enroll as a Bikini Model – (or fake it by having a bikini model photo session – again! terrified).

Rosa Leona, INBA Angel 2015, Season A. Photo credit – Whentezshredz.


Would be wonderful to earn my wings.. the bikini Model wings in my case not the Victoria’s Secret wings (even though wouldn’t mind that either 🙂 ).

Victoria's Secret Angel - Candice

Victoria’s Secret Angel – Candice

So, there, said it – that’s my BANG! The Bikini contest participation! (Terrified even writing this down, BUT, time is tight and there is no better motivator than a time pressure and a public announcement! (As I stick with my guns and stand behind my words! ) So hold on world, I am on my way to make the best out of it and push me over the limits! 

Make yourself proud

Make yourself proud – exactly what I plan to do!

So stay tuned, will keep you posted how my journey will go.

Starting stats: 4,1Kg to lose and 84 days to go. Week 1. Day 1.


WHAT’S YOUR “BANG”? What you wish to reach this year?

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  • Your own New Year’s fitness workout tracker
  • Your own New Year’s fitness workout tracker
  • Your own New Year’s fitness workout tracker
  • Your own New Year’s fitness workout tracker

Your own New Year’s fitness workout tracker

New year, new you! This is my New year’s motto, resolution and objective! Been the craziest end of the year so far and not entirely in the fittest and healthiest way to be completely honest with you.. However 2016 has arrived and it gives you another chance to start over or take it where you last left off. For me it is with the fitness objectives, that I wish to take up where I left it more than a month ago. 

I could tell you everything that happened and add some excuse on the top but the truth is – there is not point of that, as it will not really change the situation. Did I work out last 3 weeks? Honestly ? No. But do I feel bad about it? Definitely yes! (Of course 1 week I was sick as a monkey and did not get out of the bed with a bad fever, but that’s gone as well), 2 weeks I am here in Calabria at my boyfriend’s family over holiday and no working out as well as A – everything is closed, B – it’s not really the right place and time to do it when you are visiting family and C – I lacked of motivation as where so tired, exhausted and just needed a rest to regain strengths,will and inspiration.. and you know what? It worked out splendidly!

I am inspired, motivated and fully recharged to get the shape of the life! 

So this is what I have been up to last couple of days – I designed my own workout calendar – tracking board to keep my progress.

 I know that I do better if I track my progress and put it in a visual place like on the wall or fridge doors together with some inspirational pictures.  Read More


Believe it or not but tomorrow is already 1st day of December! The year has flew by already and there is left just 3 4 weeks to Christmas therefore it is time to bring out those last year’s resolutions and double check what’s still left uncrossed out since last year, and it is the last time to still catch up with some works and promises.

Of course some of them will not be able to full fill, like learning a handstand (was my resolution, but did not manage to learn it properly), therefore I am not going to kill myself by doing it and get upset with myself that I didn’t but instead will just look back and analyse/think what went wrong and how can I improve and if still it is in my wish-list. (Already saying – it is! So not giving up on that). But this is my suggestion for all things that haven’t been done and you wished you was – don’t stress about it instead think how to improve and adjust some goals to do it.

What’s more important than is to spend this month in peace, think of things you are grateful in this year, make plans to visit friends and family already before Christmas, not just Christmas day, call up some old friends ( call today, why not? ) or just send some nice, cheeky note from past memory that will make smiles and lift spirits! Will see how it will bost your own mood too.

Happiness is contagious! So spread it!

(Sending one right now – BRB).

Another my suggestion is to make some visual board – mood board of the month, just like I did . Even if it is cut out of magazines and put on the wall, or Pintrest collection or even We Heart it (can check out my Winter dreaming Mood Board there, to avoid magazine cutting (spent all night preparing my inspiration boards for next articles and collaborations).

winter time best spent at home

Winter is the time for home and beloved ones

And of course use the December to catch up with all the works you have been postponing and not pushing hard enough. Want to go to gym?

Call today and make an appointment- don’t wait when New Year comes!

(Tip – on January gyms are overcrowded by guilty people after Christmas holiday and it might cost you more than now).


Want to lose weight? Don’t wait tomorrow – set up a plan and set Christmas as your goal (or first step) and insist on it! No excuses and hot cocoa temptations. (I have set for myself and started when got back from Latvia and already down by 1,1 kg! however still 3 weeks to go! (Already know that holiday’s will not be able to ht gym and will not be able to cook much (going to Calabria – South of Italy to spend my holidays there with my boyfriend and his family and honestly – can’t wait!  

ditch the cocoa - use tea

ditch the cocoa – use tea or infusions instead

Prepare your own gifts! Make a minute and think of the gifts for each person! Invest some time and put a thought in it! After all Christmas time is not about gifts and not supposed to be stressful. it supposed to be being together, sharing joy and great moments! What’s for me – it love wrapping paper and just low ripping joy!

Ripping open wrapped gifts guarantees always giggles and chuckles when you start screaming: “RIP IT! RIP ITTTTTTT!!!” So think of that! 

Christmas gifts

Handmade Christmas gifts

If you are good at cooking or not, (Even better, it will be more appreciated) Think of baking some cookies/ granola bars/ ginger bread cookies/cakes/muffins/ jam! and wrap them nicely. Trust me- everyone will appreciate more than that regular scarf/ tie.

Lastly don’t forget to head out and do something you like, reset your mind, read a book or go for a nice walk in Christmas markets / mountains / park – better in a company!




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  • The best herbal teas for the winter time
  • The best herbal teas for the winter time
  • The best herbal teas for the winter time

The best herbal teas for the winter time

When the weather is getting chilly and the days are getting shorter and darker it is the best time to warm up your bod and soul with a good cup of a herbal tea. A good tea has not only beneficial to your health and will boost your immune system but also can help to digest and even lose weight. Therefore just win-win for an afternoon energy booster, weight loss or a long conversation with your friends. No wonder there is saying “Tea with the Queen”. (Even Queen loves it! and let’s be honest – who doesn’t if the tea is right?

Every time I go back to Latvia I am always returning with bag full of herbal teas. Either they are from a farmers market or some biological shop, but always at least 4 of them to enlarge my collection. (Already have like 40 different teas at home and perfect substitution for morning take-away coffee on my way to work).  Read More


When the winter comes the will to leave house to work out is reducing every week and the desire for a big cup of hot cocoa and some chocolate chip cookie along with it is growing every second. BUT you should not give in to the sweet temptations and forget your goal: dream body, summer body, loosing 5 kilos or loosing muffin top just tone your body so you can hit a spa at holidays confident about your body. So here is a daily dose of motivation to suck up and push even harder to strive for even better results.

I know the weather is not helping to get you motivated and all the Christmas decorations and sweet offers either, BUT don’t get carried away, but carry on! Don’t give up just because things get rough! Think about your future self and how thankful she will be to you resisting temptation and adding some extra effort before Christmas holiday. 

I am currently away for holiday so there is temptation on every corner. (All those childhood sweets and traditioanl dishes, friends meeting and gatherings, dinner parties and brunch with loads of goodies on the table… BUT I repeat to myself my goal, motivate myself and inspire to resist the temptations but better squeeze time to hit the gym. (Yep, took even my running shoes and gym stuff with me). 

So if this will not motivate you, my struggle being home and not eating everything I cannot get in Italy, and of course mum’s made cakes (she is sooooo good at it), etc. than hope these sarcastic and evil pictures will motivate you!

Read More


There are several accounts that I have been religiously following during last years. These are truly inspiring people that has made huge changes not only in their lives but also motivates and encourages, as well as affects, many others as well. These are truly great inspirations and motivators to live healthier, happier and more confident life and constantly strive for progress and to improve yourself as they do to themselves as well. 

These people truly has inspired me when I have been struggling with weight loss, did not see any fitness progress and had doubted my self and my abilities reaching any weight/fitness goals I had. As They have motivated and encouraged me to keep going, not give up, focus and just remind myself why I started, I wish to share with you these guys that might help you to get motivated and keep going.

Read More

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When the leaves turns red and the last witches has taken all the cookies and left, you know it is November! Just one and half month left before Christmas so it is last time to really get motivated, take action and review the list of New year’s resolution so don’t get all guilty when there are things left out. 

For me November seems to be a time to take action and focus on myself. Which means – more physical activities (as will be spending more time in the country as planning just 1 trip to Latvia, to have some family time and catch up with friends). Even though my gym subscription ended I am planning to find a new one and do more free body exercises at home – so stay tuned and let’s have some home workout sess’! Read More


New week and new challenges, new starts and new adventures. Not sure what this week will bring me but I am sure that I am going to make the best out of it. Today I am off to London for a fair (looong,looong hours spent in it and no real London enjoying , which is a pity, BUT work is work and so I am not complaining even more because on Friday I am off to Guernsey – (Channel Islands) for a long weekend to meet my friend and celebrating my nephews 1st birthday. But before I go I want to share some of my inspiration of the day to keep you motivated,  inspired and encouraged to go after your dreams, work on yourself and improve!

As lovely Audrey Hepburn says:

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! 


Dream a little bit bigger

Dream a little bit bigger


Sometimes we need a little pink note to remind you that you can always dream a little bit bigger and stopping at “good” is not enough – you deserve more! Strive for excellence! Make yourself proud! Whatever you are doing!


keep going

Don’t give up and get inspired

And Ryan..well he knows that squats are good! so keep on squatting, girl! Good motivation, huh? Works for me and my booty and not planning to stop till I will not be satisfied 100% with my fitness results despite on every obstacle that holds me back! ..and you shouldn’t too! 





Another magic Monday when the agenda is full and need additional sticky note (like couple of them) to note down everything that must be done today,this week and all month. Must say that October has started to me not relaxing at all: I have re-started teaching, working out, dieting, catching up with emails and works (after traveling the most of the month), friends and family.. not easy I must say, but keeping up and than in the middle of all this madness broke a tooth and had an emergency visit to a dentist’s that finished with pulling it out and getting hooked up with antibiotics.. Needless to say that all my workouts are suspended for the week..

BUT I am back! I am back and recharged and having even set up my wonderful agenda for October with Kerrie Hess Monthly calendar. (Don’t know what I would do without one. So sign up for her newsletter and get one for yourself). You can check her illustrations in her homepage. So lovely! (Can’t wait to have one of her illustrations hanging on my living room.. still a small obstacle – do not have a living room.. yet!)

Anyway, back to Monday and Monday motivation and monthly lists! Super charged and inspired and already planning to re-start my 6am morning runs to catch up with my health, setting up a new workout routine to get that booty shapin’! after all – have to go to a wedding (3rd one) in 3 weeks! So this months motivational picture iiiissss…..

squat motivation

Lifting motivation of the month by Luxquotes


As Japanese proverb says ” Fall down seven times, stand up eight”! 

And this is what I am doing! No giving up, just picking where I left and moving on and always striving for progress because I know I will succeed in the end! So no sulking no wining just working hard and smashing goals and having new adventures and everything done! 

Next things on my list – London on Monday for business trip/fair, Guernsey island on Friday to visit my friend and participate in my lovely nephew’s 1st year birthday! (Good aunt in me is excited!) and than wedding in Calabria in 3 weeks! And that’s only the traveling part, there is still working, teaching, working out, dieting, blogging part as well..oh yeah and Halloween (It must be celebrated too! Pumpkins and dress up like every year! )

Can I make it all? I am sure I can and I will! 

What about you? what’s your plans for October?

Inspiration, Me & My Beau

Monday is for challenges and new beginnings! it’s a perfect occasion to reset something or uptake a new thing, it’s like a second chance to start over that’s offered to you every single week. So today I am also throwing myself a new challenge to reset my caffeine effect or challenge myself to not use coffee for next two weeks.

The thing I decided to do it is just because I believe that coffee is not anymore doing the effect to me as it used to so I want to go back to the time when I never drank coffee (5 years ago), but living in Italy you just get used to a nice cup of a good espresso that you just cannot do it without. Moreover as for a athlete caffeine is an essential for a performance boosting before training and it should better have it’s effect properly so it is a time to resit it! Read More


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