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This magic weekend is about to finish as well as my Sicilian adventure as today is officially last day in Palermo before heading back to Milan. I must say that some great things has been learned, some Sicilian secrets reviled and some tan and loads of sunshine and positive energy taken that will give me strength and motivation till my next month! (Details and pictures of will follow up on Travel Sunday post).

Today, as it’s beginning of a new month, I am sharing my monthly visual board to set the tune and objectives for the June  that I will go after.

The first and the main goal of the month is progress. No matter how big it is – important is the progress and moving forward! Yes, these 2 days, let’s be honest, was not all about working out every day,  but rather – “let’s try this local dish” or “ this dessert looks heavenly – I must try it!” so I need to get back on my clean eating and training schedule, but sometimes it is good just to give yourself a break and enjoy the life’s guilty pleasures (well as long as they are balanced).

Before leaving for Palermo I closed my 31 day challenge and I must say I did good Read More

Inspiration, Me & My Beau

Well, last week has been wild and difficult physically and morally therefore could not update my blog and skipped the entries about Food on Friday and Workout on Wednesday, but today is motivational Monday and time for update what actually happened to me last weekend.

On Monday and Tuesday I was in Copenhagen for work (my travel essentials can find here), than came back and than on Thursday morning I headed to Germany, where were invited to German’s Next Top Model Finale with Heidi Klum presenting it. All excited and all happy were ready for the show (with my new beauty essentials and vintage outfit-unfortunately no pictures were taken at the show with me, so cannot show it off), the show started wonderful and were really having a great time, but than the unexpected and terrible bombing threat in the middle of the show and 8000 people evacuation from the arena, ruined everything. Not only moods of thousands of people but also it made you think, HOW everything could finish at one moment, just like that! poof, and you are gone.. Scary, I must say, really scary. It made me realize HOW precious every single moment is and how fast the things can be changed and you can do nothing about it. Read More

Inspiration, Me & My Beau

Hello Monday! Hello 1st Monday of May. As a tradition I am going to share my visual board for May.

May has always been one of my favorite months of the year! You can feel the summer already in the air that makes you more motivated, more colorful, more inspired and overall happier! full of flowers and longer and sunnier days to manage more things, like going for a run, bicycle ride and adventures – so many adventures planned!

From my side already know that next week heading for a business trip to Copenhagen – again – hop-in-hop off in the country but still a small getaway to one of my favorite European capitals ever.

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Sometimes on Mondays we need some extra motivation and inspiration to make the week start right and set some new smaller goals and objectives to reach. This week did not start too good for me as I woke up feeling terrible this morning so I couldn’t manage to go to work, however now feeling a lot better and again full of energy and determination to keep going after my goals.

To do so – here is my weeks motivation – fit-inspiration to get back on track and dream big.

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Some people are looking forward holiday with a joy – some, like me,  are having split feelings- from one had – can’t wait to relax, sleep and get some time off the every day busy life, from other hand looking forward with a doubt for the holiday that will come and ruining the progress achieved, clean eating and workout graphic. For me it is extra difficult to remain on track with clean eating and my timings as having a pretty full workday with my own rhythm and timing: for eating, sleeping and working out. Once comes holidays, especially a long ones and away from home, it is almost impossible to eat at 8am my oats, have second breakfast at 10:30 with a chicken, workout at 20:00 and hit the bead at 23:00.. So every time coming back from holidays are pretty traumatic as I need to get back to track and catch up to point where I left off therefore serves an extra motivation to not give up and get demotivated. Read More

Inspiration, Me & My Beau, Workout

Happy 1st of April! As already a tradition, beginning of every new month I am setting for myself goals what I want my month to be like! I am currently on my second day of Spring holiday in South of Italy (where sticking to a diet is almost IMPOSSIBLE – as first rule of South of Italy is to Eat and ask for more), so for me sticking to my strict diet it is a quite a struggle, even if I have all my workout gear packed with me and dedication to stick to my fitness goals – I must say it is not easy, not easy at all. To stay focused and my eyes to the ultimate goal (Planning to lose 5kg by the end of Spring) I have set up my Spring Visual board slightly more workout and motivation related to keep going and to resist sweet temptations and hope to inspire you as well. Read More


Hello Monday and Hello March! The month we all have been waiting for months! This is month when the days become longer and air is becoming warmer and bird songs are getting louder and first flowers will start to blossom! March has finally arrived and I have many new things planned and new things to look forward to! So as my new tradition – here comes my visual board – inspiration for the month.  Read More


Every time something comes to an end and something new is in front of us we tend to imagine the new challenge, road or task and set goals for it. Full with hopes and positive feelings. For me it is really important to visualize the goals so I usually create a visual board or my mood board. As Miss Athlétique is my new challenge this year than I have made my moodboard for 2015 to better visualize how this year I wish to be. (My year officially starts now! ) Read More


Being inspired is one of the greatest feelings and state of mind that can happen to anyone! At least it is like that for me. When I am inspired I feel so powerful, alive, strong, full of ideas and aims, just unstoppable and the world is my oyster! Like real Wonderwoman that can and will save the World.

I have realized that in order to get there I need some daily dose of inspiration, even in some small things – like motivational picture or some encouraging words.
It’s been years I am collecting those kind of pictures and quotations, colors and good words than whenever I or someone else around me needs some positive boost I just look them up and send it over. A great way to try to make someone else to feel better. For me it works every single time – lifts my spirits and gives me energy again.
As a visual person who loves pictures and colors and inspire others I have decided to try out a new thing – a monthly mood board that would be a preview of my next month aims, dreams, colors, ideas, travels, workout, etc. Maybe it will encourage you too to make some for yourself too to dream a little and reach goals faster and easier.

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Happy girls are the prettiest!

-   Audrey Hepburn   -

Happy girls are the prettiest!  Just look at Audrey! Isn’t she marvelous? So chick and so inspiring just to go out and enjoy the little things in life.

She definitely is my all time favorite actress and personality I look up to. Her life, lifestyle and quotes has such a being influence to me. Here you can find some of hers’ .


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