Brazil – day 10 / 11

Brazil – day 10 / 11

After leaving Diamantina and unfortunately, not becoming ridiculously rich by finding diamonds, we changed cities.
As yesterday was Latvia’ s Independence Day then we had a special breakfast  – almost,almost Latvian style (had also some Laima sweets) and we made 2 typical Latvian pigtails.

yesterday we arrived in a city Mariana and also explored next city – Ouro Preto . In 1980, UNESCO declared this 18th-century old colonial town village as a Cultural Heritage of Mankind.
Dinner we had in Mariana, in this lovely, local beer garden/restaurant with amazing food. so good that despite being completely full, you just want to finish your dish.
also the hotel is really nice, really nobel and ancient feeling. even all the rooms has names of poets and famous people.
so today we are going to Petropolis and than it’ s RIO time. wuuu wuuu

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