• Travel: Sweet and Spicy guide of Bangkok and it’s neighborhood
  • Travel: Sweet and Spicy guide of Bangkok and it’s neighborhood
  • Travel: Sweet and Spicy guide of Bangkok and it’s neighborhood
  • Travel: Sweet and Spicy guide of Bangkok and it’s neighborhood
  • Travel: Sweet and Spicy guide of Bangkok and it’s neighborhood
  • Travel: Sweet and Spicy guide of Bangkok and it’s neighborhood
  • Travel: Sweet and Spicy guide of Bangkok and it’s neighborhood
  • Travel: Sweet and Spicy guide of Bangkok and it’s neighborhood

Travel: Sweet and Spicy guide of Bangkok and it’s neighborhood

Have you ever had the feeling that a beautiful holiday seems like just like a dream when you come back home and get back to a daily routine? For me it was like that. It has passed just a month since I came back from my Christmas getaway holiday in Thailand but feels like it has been years ago.

However all the landscapes, views, colors, diversity, smells and tastes are still vivid and ready to be shared with the world.

After 13 hours of a flight from Milan, completely destroyed we arrived in Bangkok. I usually cannot sleep at plane so always ready with several books and magazines and keeping myself busy with newest movies available on board.

In Bangkok we stayed at Ibis Bangkok Riverside hotel which is right in front of Chao Phraya river.

The best thing of the hotel was the closed terrace with a swimming pool where you could watch a sunrise over the river while having your morning coffee.

Sunrise over the river

Sunrise over the river

Bangkok in sunrise

Bangkok in sunrise

Bangkok_Riverside_ibis_hotel_sunrise (6)

Swimming pool

Bangkok_Riverside_ibis_hotel_sunrise (5)

Breakfast terrace

Must say moving around Bangkok is really easy and not expensive at all, either it is a public transport (skytrain, train or bus) or tuk tuks/ taxis (make sure you agree on price before) or even a raft-boat to connect both sides of a river.

Skytrain was just boat ride away

Skytrain was just boat ride away

My funnest moment was taking the type of raft-boat that connected both sides to river and mostly used by locals (this is my favorite part of all trips – being local). Make sure you are not see-sick as the boat is moving especially when other boats or speedboats are passing by. However, loved it!

The other side of the  Chao Phraya river

The other side of the Chao Phraya river

As felt destroyed after the trip, we had just a lovely dinner with my friend Sju, who lives in Bangkok and I haven’t met her since we studied together back in Latvia (10 years ago). Despite the jetlag and sleepiness we had a lovely dinner at a local restaurant and managed to catch up and make plans for next days over a glass of Chrysanthemum cold tea.

Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum Tea

This tea is not only delicious but also really healthy and offers several health benefits.

The next day we went to visit the ancient capital of Bagkok – Ayutthaya.

Bridge over the river

Bridge over the river

Our first stop was a market outside the Bangkok on our way to a Ayutthaya- the historical city.


A must try dessert made from coconut


All type of river fishes


Have you ever seen pink eggs? They are real


Fruit corner


House on river


Typical Thai dish – noodles with shrimps and tofu

This market is wonderful! After you have found everything you need you can pick and mix your own lunch – choosing whatever you prefer and see it cooked in front of you or pick it up already ready and than just sit and enjoy your meal at special dedicated area – part of market.



After checking the Buddhist temple we went for a stroll along the river.

Seems that Thai people has come up with a clever trick for tourists – a fish feeding that gives benefit to everyone – joy to small and big, money for buying fish food or bread from vending machines near by and for fishes that are constantly fed and can multiply.


Fish feeding

Thailand_fish feeding

Fish feeding frenzy


The wonderful four

Continuing our way we stopped at a Million Toy museum. Which is an exhibition by a personal collection of million toys and collectible items. A dream of every child (no matter how big).


I finally met him, a real Superman

Next Stop – the ancient city.

Must say it was really amazing especially at the afternoon sun. Slightly made me feel like Lara Croft in Tomb Rider discovering an ancient world.




The wonderful four strikes again

After all day exploring we were real hungry and at our way back we Grand Chaopraya resort which has a wonderful restaurant with an outside terrace.


Traditional soup


River Lobster

This place offered a wonderful selection of dishes and traditional foods together with a wonderful view. Best enjoyed in a good company.


River view at sunset

Thailand_ grand_chaopraya

Grand Chaopraya resort restaurant


Fisherman at Chaopraya river

Thailand_sunset_ chaopraya

Sunset over the river

Thailand_ grandchaopraya_night

When the night falls

And when the night falls the view is getting just better and better and it is a perfect way to finish a wonderful day.

Stay tuned as my Thailand adventure to be continued..


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