List of most inspiring fitness accounts you should follow

List of most inspiring fitness accounts you should follow

There are several accounts that I have been religiously following during last years. These are truly inspiring people that has made huge changes not only in their lives but also motivates and encourages, as well as affects, many others as well. These are truly great inspirations and motivators to live healthier, happier and more confident life and constantly strive for progress and to improve yourself as they do to themselves as well. 

These people truly has inspired me when I have been struggling with weight loss, did not see any fitness progress and had doubted my self and my abilities reaching any weight/fitness goals I had. As They have motivated and encouraged me to keep going, not give up, focus and just remind myself why I started, I wish to share with you these guys that might help you to get motivated and keep going.

(My) List of most inspiring fitness accounts you should follow too.

  • Kyla Itsines The one and only Kayla and her wonderful movement (BBG girls aka Kayla’s army). Movement for girls to change their lives, realize their self worth, work for a confidence and strength not for skinny body with her BBG Guide. Great motivator and support to women around the word. Shares transformation pictures from real women.
kayla Itsines on instagram

Kayla Itsines on Instagram

  • Ashy Bines – A fitsporation to change your booty, eat clean and get lean for all body tipes. Also shares real transformation pictures from women to get you going.
Ashy Bines on Instagram

Ashy Bines on Instagram

  • Censkiii or Cenna – wonderful, inspiration lady whose profile it with great workouts, motivation, some dose of fun and sarcasm – just the right dose to keep you motivated and going! Absolutely must follow!
Censkiii on instagram

Censkii or Cenna on Instagram


  • Woods Fit or D’Juan Woods – a Nike athlete,  ex NFL athlete, trainer and couch that tailors a training program customized to ones needs accordingly. Great videos and inspiration pictures on his feed always keeps me going. (Also have traid several workouts, like HIIT, definitely burns! )
Woodfit on instagram

Woods fit on Instagram

  • Nike Women – account dedicated to women by Nike. Lifestyle shots, motivation and inspiration to strive for success with a great pictures.
Nike Women on Instagram

Nike Women on Instagram

  • Blogilates by Cassey Ho a creator of POP Pilates posts about healthy food, lifestyle and pilates moreover she shoots great, inspiration, motivation and education videos on her Youtube channel. 
Blogilates by Cassey Ho

Blogilates by Cassey Ho

So these are my current motivators, inspiration and just wonderful accounts I am following on Instagram that always reminds me to keep up, get out there and change things and never, ever give up!




P.S. Just in case you missed out, I am on Instagram as well! Make sure to follow my daily life there too.



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