Inspirational Monday

Inspirational Monday

When the winter comes the will to leave house to work out is reducing every week and the desire for a big cup of hot cocoa and some chocolate chip cookie along with it is growing every second. BUT you should not give in to the sweet temptations and forget your goal: dream body, summer body, loosing 5 kilos or loosing muffin top just tone your body so you can hit a spa at holidays confident about your body. So here is a daily dose of motivation to suck up and push even harder to strive for even better results.

I know the weather is not helping to get you motivated and all the Christmas decorations and sweet offers either, BUT don’t get carried away, but carry on! Don’t give up just because things get rough! Think about your future self and how thankful she will be to you resisting temptation and adding some extra effort before Christmas holiday. 

I am currently away for holiday so there is temptation on every corner. (All those childhood sweets and traditioanl dishes, friends meeting and gatherings, dinner parties and brunch with loads of goodies on the table… BUT I repeat to myself my goal, motivate myself and inspire to resist the temptations but better squeeze time to hit the gym. (Yep, took even my running shoes and gym stuff with me). 

So if this will not motivate you, my struggle being home and not eating everything I cannot get in Italy, and of course mum’s made cakes (she is sooooo good at it), etc. than hope these sarcastic and evil pictures will motivate you!


Some harsh truth


Fitsporation - excuses do not burn calories

it really doesn’t! 



Skipping burns a lot! Must include it in your HIIT workout!


I would love to keep you inspire more, but my battery is about to die so must publish!

Happy Monday! Don’t skip meals, workout and keep consistent! 


from Latvia and stay tuned!


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