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November calls for action – monthly motivation board

November calls for action – monthly motivation board

When the leaves turns red and the last witches has taken all the cookies and left, you know it is November! Just one and half month left before Christmas so it is last time to really get motivated, take action and review the list of New year’s resolution so don’t get all guilty when there are things left out. 

For me November seems to be a time to take action and focus on myself. Which means – more physical activities (as will be spending more time in the country as planning just 1 trip to Latvia, to have some family time and catch up with friends). Even though my gym subscription ended I am planning to find a new one and do more free body exercises at home – so stay tuned and let’s have some home workout sess’!

Bandel K-well resistance band

Bandel K-well resistance band exercises


No gym? No problem!



Additional to being determined to get lean even at home I will  really focus and try my hand in more healthy food recipes to share with you, especially as I will be finally spending more time in country.

And lastly, more importantly, I want to really focus on my education and challenging my thinking, as have been running so much lately that have left aside any type of studies and learning, BUT going to change that as tomorrow going to attend I’m Story Maker -a World Business Forum to hear an inspirational speeches from worlds leading people like Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Sarah Lewis, Toni Nadal and many other revolutionary people that leads innovation, changes lives and history. So real excited and real happy! 


Be an explorer and get your hands dirty!

Always admired Branson for everything he has achieved. For me he is a huge motivator and great inspiration therefore tomorrow’s conference for me is like a cherry to a pie and can’t wait to soak up all the ideas, creativity and inspiration as I know it will definitely improve my vision and mind set!


What’s your inspiration in November? What are you looking forward to?



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