Vistiting wonderful hot springs of Beppu for the first time

Vistiting wonderful hot springs of Beppu for the first time

It’s been just 3 weeks since I came back from my Japan trip, but feels like a year ago as my life has been a roller coaster since because been running and rushing all the time to manage everything but despite the madness succeeded even to squeezed in Octoberfest  in Munich. 

I am not saying that my Japan trip was less hectic and peaceful but the weekend spent in Beppu (Beppu prefecture of Japan, best known for their hot springs. People have them at homes, can you imagine the luxury? )was definitely less busy than other days and could enjoy the wonderful Beppu at Kyushu island and it’s onsen – hot springs.

Honestly speaking one weekend is not enough to enjoy them properly especially if want to go to some special recreation places and do the sightseeing. You have to choose. Our choice was sightseeing – next time will be the recreation part.

Beppu hot springs map

Beppu hot springs map of Jigoku tour

We did the Jigoku tour minus 2 stops  – Yama Jigoku and Oniyama Jigoku (with the hippo and crocodile in picture above) as we did not have time for it all in one day.

Red Hot springs of Beppu

Red Hot springs of Beppu – Chinoike Jigoku

First stop – Chinoike Jigoku – the red devil lake.

Chinoie Jigoku or red devil lake at Beppu

Chinoie Jigoku or red devil lake at Beppu

Chinoie Jigoku or red devil lake at Beppu

Sharing some hot (spring) moments with friends are always better


Our second stop was Shiraike Jigoku with a wonderful lakes, fishes and tropical water lillies.


Shiraike Jigoku lake with water lillies

Shiraike Jigoku lake with tropical water lillies

As this was organized tour than we did not really have as much time as we wished to explore at our own pace. As I would rather spent making hundred pictures not just have a fast train rushing from one onsen to another to manage to see them all.. Oh well – next time.

Next stop – Umi Jigoku (Sea Hell) which is the biggest hot spring in Beppu and it was created by a volcanic explosion of Tsurumidake mountain about 1200-1300 years ago.

Umi Jigoku - Sea Hell hot springs description

the sea hell origins explained


Umi Jigoku hot springs - Sea Hell

Umi Jigoku hot springs – Sea Hell

The fun thing is that you have to pay attention where the wind is blowing if taking a picture otherwise you would finish up without seeing much in a background.. (just like me trying to debut in my first selfie-video-review trying to capture the beautiful scenery and turning out not seeing much of it.. and seeing well – just me).


Ok, ok, enough of narcissism – here is a proper video to capture the Sea hell.


By the way, the temperature is 98°C so don’t even think of touching the water – it will make you feel you have really gone to the hell! (Actually that’s why it’s also the name of the places – the Hell).

At wonderful Umi Jigoku - Sea hell

At wonderful Umi Jigoku – Sea hell

From May to November you can see Amazon-born royal lotuses whose leaves grow to 1-2 meters wide!

Water lilly lake

Water amazon-born lotuses

Oh these lotuses were wonderful!  The place offered attraction for the families with kids under 20kg weight to get on one of them! 

Child attraction - step on a lotus leaves at Umi Jigoku

Child attraction – step on a lotus leaves

This attraction is definitely going in my to-do list (to get my kid/nephew/niece/grandchildren on one of these and get snappy)!





The last on our Jigoku tour was Oniishibouzu Jigoku – Oniishi Shaven head hell.  The grayish mud bubbles (which is boiling of a temperature of 99°C) is said to be resembling the shaven heads of the monks (bozu).



Oniishibouzu jigoku hot spring

Oniishibouzu jigoku hot spring

On the black, volcanic mountains you can see melted coins (just in case you did not believe it was hot).

Finishing up with mud hell of shaved monk heads we went to explore mineral deposit works and thermal paradise – Myoban Onsen (alum hot spring). 

straw huts of Myoban Onsen

Straw huts – Yunohana-goya is produced yuno-hana or sulfur flowers

Inside these straw hut – Yunohana-goya is produced yuno-hana (sulfur flowers) which are crystals that develop naturally on the ground around the springs. 


Yunohana-goya sulfur producing flowers or crystals

These crystals are doing wonders to your skin – no wonder end of summer-beginning of fall all hotels in area are packed with peace and body recreation seekers.

To conclude our onsen tour we went for the steamed hot spring pudding. It is steamed and baked using the heat Umi Jigoku, and consists of the classical ingredients: eggs, milk and sugar. This pudding is an ideal dessert after you try the hot spring eggs.  (I do love eggs, but not this one – too sulfury flavour for my tastes). 

Steamed egg in a hot spring

Steamed egg in a hot spring


This is the egg – looks like a normal egg, but instead of regular boiling it is steamed on hot springs to get it’s flavor.


the sulfur egg - steamed in hot springs

the sulfur egg – steamed in hot springs


Once you peel the egg it will reveal it’s true color – a yellowish/brownish/reddish one.  The egg has also particular sulfur taste which is something I did not really enjoy, to be honest as it was way to salty (and i never eat eggs with salt – childhood trauma!) but it is a must try if visiting the place!

The same is for the hot spring steamed pudding.  (Completely not my thing as well, as was sweet and sour pudding taste with a bit of a bitter caramel). Particular – really, really particular but have to try for yourself to judge it!

Steamed pudding of hot springs

Steamed pudding of hot springs

Once the dessert is finished it is time to return to Oita city to catch the plane and head back to Tokyo. Bye Bye devilish Beppu!

Bye bye Beppu

Bye bye Beppu

This is my Japan famous Onsen – hot spring review and impressions  in short. Happy Sunday and stay tuned!


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