Preparation for travel to Playa del Carmen

Preparation for travel to Playa del Carmen

On gray Mondays like this one we tend to dream about summer, far away places and holiday. Luckily for me – I have to hang in here just one week and off I go to a sunny place called Mexico. And as always before any vacation – preparation is the key! 

Of course Trip Advisor, Travel Blogs and local tips has been already checked and noted down – what to do, see and try so the only thing left to do – is to count down the days and make this more visual.

As for a visual person I had to prepare my visual board for this holiday, so of course than is always easier to stick to the plan fulfilling it!

Friends asked me what is my plan for the holiday: and honestly, I have just experience&photo check list. As i want to make this vacation truly careless and easy going than I really not booking anything, not planning much, just will flow the stream (hopefully with turtles).

Turtle beach at Playa del Caremn


And this is in my list as position number 4.

Here is the complete list:

  1. sombrero
  2. beach
  3. hammock
  4. turtles
  5. flamingo
  6. cenotes
  7. margharitas, tequila & tacos ( aka – local cuisine) 

number 7 – well it’s a must and have to be included in the trip – local cuisine is a must to try wherever I go. (Hopefully will be able to eat everything by the time when I am there, as my treatment should finish soon! fingers crossed for that carefree life next weekend).

SUP - stand up paddle

SUP – stand up paddle


Of course there are many other things I wish to try – like SUP (Stand Up Paddle) at crystal clear waters, morning runs at beach, snowman from sand, trekking, mountain biking in jungle, visiting cenotes and Chicen Itza and so on but that’s just subcategories of my previous list.

Can’t wait to be there and start my new adventure! So Stay tuned!

sunbathing sandman

sunbathing sandman


P.S. Where are you up to for this Christmas holiday?

P.S.S. Any good tips for going there? Will be happy to hear your experience and highlights! Post in comments!

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