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Why it’s OK to take an extra rest day?

Why it’s OK to take an extra rest day?

It’s a proven fact that people who live in a big cities has more stress, anxiety level is higher and they rest less than the ones living in smaller cities and countryside. 

Taking me for example, been way more stressed than I have ever been last 12 months than i believe in whole life. Of course with the age (now I can say that officially) comes also more responsibilities, more duties and expectations are higher. From outside world as well as my own. I want constantly improve, I push myself more and rest less. Not only for work but also in personal achievements and even fitness, and not oftenly putting the mental health and mind on peace. which cause for accumulated stress levels which outbursts into a sickness.

I believe that I am not the only one, therefore sharing this message with all of you: 

It’s OK to give you an extra rest day

You might feel guilty or egoistic even of thinking about it, but you know what? It’s ok? It’s an investment to your health, to your mental health and to your progress. Because after all we have only one body to live in, so let’s treat it well.

Our body knows when to tell us to slow down because it also knows that afterwards you will be able to perform better.  Imagine you take an extra rest day out of a truly taught and saturated workout schedule (like mine) to give your body and mind piece, but the benefits might be truly big: more strength, extra energy, rested and happier to go that extra mile and push even harder. 

Sometime’s it’s ok to give in and just enjoy the things you like to do. Maybe a nap? read a book? go for a 30min walk just to clear your head (without phone), just enjoy your own time.

Why you shoudl take an extra rest day|

sometimes you just need to take that extra rest day

This is my favorite spot in Playa del Carmen ( or any place where is a hammock. Just resting. Reflecting. Enjoying little things. 


namaste |


Usually when taking an extra rest day I add it with a light stretching program to stay flexible and improve overall flexibility. Deep breathing and relaxation that definitely helps. Of course some yoga, if practising, is also beneficial. 

hip flexor stretching |

Hip flexor stretching

To sum up it’s completely OK to take an extra rest day, to clear the head, relax, rest, regain strengths and return in the game, next day with new energy and power! 

How do you rest? Let me know in comments.

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